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Discussion in 'Factions' started by xBLacKDarKnEss, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone.
    As much as I have been on the server, I have never joined Factions. Like ever!
    However, Once the server is back up and running, I'ma need to join someone experienced asf to show me the ropes. I do understand that factions is a group based server. So basically what I am looking for rn, is a decent group. No childish acting players. Im more a serious gamer that *YES I DO* take everything seriously :) :p
    So please, If anyone is recruiting, post here. Let me know!
    Love you all! <3

  2. If you look on the other recent factions threads there is one or two people who are recruiting for their faction. :D
  3. I'll be recruiting dude :) I love factions, plan on playing it a-lot :D
  4. Oh man, this is awkward xD I already agreed to be joining someone else xD
    Thanks for the offer though! <3