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New Staff Application Format

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Kianlos, Mar 27, 2017.

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    Hello everyone!

    I've returned from the long period of inactivity and a busy schedule due to real life events. We're really excited to announce that a new staff application format has been released! This format will help us better get to know you as a hopeful Trial-Helper than the previous application. This format includes many questions that ensures you're prepared for the challenges you'll face as a new staff member. As part of this format, we have released a new set of requirements needed to be met before applying.

    The following are new mandatory requirements needed before applying for staff:
    - Must be 12 years of age or older
    - Must have a minimum of 20 hours of playing time in-game.
    - Must have a minimum of 15 forum posts.
    - Must have an active forums account for one month
    - Must have access to TeamSpeak, Skype & Discord
    - Must have a partially clean record (exceptions given)
    - Must have at least submitted 2 player reports
    - Must have detailed responses and answers

    A detailed explanation on why each requirement was added will be listed in the application format guide. As thought it may appear to be ALOT of requirements. Many of them are extremely easy to meet. Most of our staff members are currently over 12, and if you're over this age, you can check this off! Thee playing time, forum post and the 1 month forum requirements are all a breeze. After a months of fun on the server, you'll be able to check off these requirements in no time. Access to Teamspeak, Skype & Discord as well as a clean record and 2 submitted player reports, take no less than 1 day to complete. And of course, a detailed app is something that can be accomplished with the right amount of work.

    We're in high demand for new staff members currently. If you're hoping to apply, then now is your chance! Please read the format carefully and make sure to follow all of the requirements. Thanks to all those who have applied, you're all great people and we hope to see many of you apart of the time.

    Any and all current applicants with posted applications MUST fix their thread to follow the newest format. They must also follow all of the rules. Applicants who fail to do this within a WEEK from March 27th, will have their application denied.
    In the coming weeks, we will be working on revamping more formats such as the player reports/appeals. Within this week, I will be going through many of the forum sections that are filled with unanswered threads. I will be checking through each of the suggestions/ideas threads first. So if you want something fixed/added, post away.

    - Kianlos & The CN Staff Team.
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  2. Why.

    When the hell was this made!?

    Great work though, happy to see some news and announcements after so long! Very refreshing just to read what's new. Hopefully will see some new staff members soon :)
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  3. I wrote that sentence today, I don't know what happened there to be honest. Thanks for catching that ;)
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  4. That's actually a great addition for having more trustworthy, capable applicants. Kian you did a goodie :). (More reasons for me not to hehe)
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  5. But you must, I'm waiting :)
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  6. Are all of the old applications now invalid?
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  9. What do we do about the 10 people who sent you a essay about how to stop bullying? Will that be discontinued or still hung in the balance
  10. Meritorious!! Good job kian and others,love to see our server flourish
    Good luck on everything
  11. So this is why no one responded to my application
  12. Does this mean I need to re-do my whole staff application?
  13. Yes Life, yes it does! Of course you have already answered some of the questions which means you can use them to guide you whilst writing your new application.

    Your Friendly Llama,
  14. We have chosen three of those applicants who sent them in. The three of them are now in the voting stage for Admins to either vote yes/no on their acceptance. The three will be contacted this week if they are successful and the others who did not submit bullying responses as good as them will be contacted too. We haven't forgotten about any of those people.

    If you were on that list to send the bullying question, PM me your response again.
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  15. Welp, that means I'm denied? I'm 11. All my work for nothing.
  16. Exceptions can be made because this was posted after you were already accepted and called to answer that bullying question. You'll receive a MSG back soon.
  17. Thank goodness, you dont want to know how close I was to deleting everything.
  18. I like that part, I learned a lot from it
  19. Ok, I sent it in a good while ago, but since you asked me to send again I will :D. Thanks, Kian.
  20. Resent it!