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New Facs Reset Means Bring Back the v5 Power Houses

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by AXA, May 27, 2017.

  1. Hey guys! Today i would like to say to you guys that there is going to be a new OPFacs reset or Facs Reset. So today im announcing that i will be bringing back v5s 1 op facs fac. Diversity! And any of you could join, just comment on this thread.
    How you can join:
    1: Be a good base builder. Ex: Minechats, regens, bunny regens etc.
    2: Be a good cannoner. Im not a good cannoner so i need somebody who can make a 128-256 stacker
    3: Be a good PvPer. When i say good at pvp i dont mean i won a skywars game one time. I mean you have fought relevent people on cyclone and beaten them. Ex: Ne0rd in his prime, rume, Lucy, Hostium before he was banned. people like that.
    4: Be friends with me. xD
    We are also looking for allies to add this season. We are also the old chroma of last season. So i assume we will be allying SkrtSkrt. But we are looking for more allies to get Diversity back to the TOP!
    #Facs/Opfacs #RESETHYPE
  2. 1: I am a good base builder and know how to do regens, filters and regular base wall generating.
    2: I am an exceptional base cannoner
    3: I am a pro pvp'er
    4: I know u fam, we were on an is together on skyblock <3

    5: extra; i have cyclone so i can fly to go get a corner claim for us :D
  3. xD hydro ur getting invited :p ofc ur fam XD <3
  4. Sure, Ill ally. Bringing Karma back to.
  5. I'll Join if you got some space for me :)
    Ima perrty gud pvper too ^%

    No but really I am, Ive beat Woofless xD
    Ive build countless walls, regens, filters, sand alternaters and crap like that.