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New and Improved Cyclone Network!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Broanater, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone,
    As i'm sure you're aware Cyclone Network has been going through a, slump lets call it. Well right now, if you've tried to join you would have seen the server is whitelisted. Why you may ask? Cyclone Network is undergoing a complete revamp. Further information will be stated below and any questions, comments, or concerns may be brought forward either in the comments or message me on the forums. You may also message me on discord if you join I should be at the top and am rarely not online. (Join Link) Now on to the interesting part!

    Release date (Yes I know you hungry vultures want to know when the server will be open again):
    Currently not decided

    Things are going to be happening. Upon server release, expect to have updates happening frequently like the shop prices changing, items in crates changing, kits changing, along with anything that will be believed to improve the server as a whole. On release all bans will be removed excluding chargeback. They will remain in effect. If you believe your ban removal should be a special case feel free to contact me and it can be discussed but nothing is guaranteed. The aim of this version is to prolong it and make it fair and fun for all to play and enjoy. This means, new ways to play skyblock, more objectives, more drive for teamwork, more push towards talking to other players, more drive towards a friendly community, and more reason to stick around. We also want to drive for actually playing and not just sitting afk all day everyday(I'm guilty of this as well so don't think i'm picking on you). This is going to be done by adding more things within the server to do than just afking spawners and other forms of gaining money. If you have ideas for the server or suggestions either right now or after release I would love to hear them. I can't wait for everyone to be welcomed back into the Network and I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as we have enjoy planning and making it for you!

    (This section will be updated based on good questions that are received in the comments or via private message)

    What server(s) will be included in the revamped Cyclone Network?

    Currently, the only server that will be included in the revamp will be Skyblock. With the server how it is, Hayden and myself believe that it would be best to focus on just a single server. In the future should the server reach a point of stability where a different server type would be beneficial it will be added. Players will be informed of this happening and a poll will more than likely be put forward to determine what the player base wants.

    What's going to be changing about Cyclone Network as it stands?

    Simply put. 99% of the server. The server will be moving to 1.12 as the main version. This means, new blocks, new items, new and improved plugins, new features, new attitude, new excitement, modified builds, new pvp, and much more!

    Thank you everyone for sticking around on the server. I know its had its bumps in the road but hopefully with the release of this version it will be more steady! Don't forget you can ask me any question you may have or bring forward any concerns you may have!

    Community Manager/Admin
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  2. Noice!
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  3. I know it's not nice to about other servers but when I played Prime MC, a plugin with minoins that they will do the afk work for you. Some good examples are chunk louding, mining, farming, and mob grinding. But to get 1 was like $20. I hope this give you ideas to stop the afk grinding
  4. Oof grinding in 1.12 is hard enough, and we have mob stacker.... yay...
    As far as I'm aware, 1.12 plugins are much easier to link to irl things, so I think a system could be devised to allow players to earn irl money by doing something that gets cyclone money too, this way all people have the opportunity to get ranks.
    Alternatively, mobcoins could be used to get ranks at a ridiculously high price. Just a thought
    I'm looking forward to a revived chclone
  5. i suggest nerfing Iron into the ground for a few months :) Otherwise we'll end up with bored people quitting again because of it being easy to get millions in one week :3
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  6. I see where you're coming from, but how do you expect people to make money if it's not iron? i think a better idea would just be making iron less op in the first place and have things like villager and silverfish spawners more op so it will be more balanced then 100 igs in the first week like last time.
  7. What about farms (like cactus, carrots, potatoes) ??? That can be a good way to make money too ;) Anyway, I really can't wait for this new version! :)
  8. tbh i hope that the new version wont have any crazy enchants it just made the server way to grindy and somtimes its fun to have some things vanillna
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  9. Calls us hungry vultures and leaves us hanging wtf

  10. Can i be admin
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  11. Me hyped and cannot wait :3
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  12. Well i'll be returning to the server, i think funriddle will aswell. If not i will make him :D
    Oh yea im LudiStack, thougth i might point that out lul.
  13. I am super excited! And very glad to see that this will not be a rushed release <3 I have played mc for many years now, and have seen the rise and fall of many great servers. The most common mistake I have noticed in most of these servers at the end were sudden and rushed resets that would end up creating more problems than they were supposed to solve. So for right now, my only suggestion for the initial release would be to keep the OPness low to ensure the stability and then add server "updates" once or twice a month that would add in new features/plugins. Not only would that help ensure fewer bugs to work out, but also an easier time identifying where the bug came from, as well as keeping players excited with new content/features without doing an actual reset.

    And seriously, thank you Hayden and the entire Cyclone team for all the obvious hard work you are putting into this release.

    Since I really haven't played anything newer than 1.8 I'll be using this down time to learn the newer game mechanics so I can at least have some sort of clue on how to do stuff and not look like a complete and utter noob xD Time to recreate my testing world in 1.12... Ohhh can't wait!
  14. Hype!!
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  15. Ooooh yaaaay!!! \o/ I am really really looking forward to the reset and see new old faces again :D *barely can sit down*

    I do have a suggestion though, can we (TRY to) skip the-whole-island-must-be-level-high-to-spawn-anything-more-then-cobble-in-the-cobblegen just for this reset? Pretty please? Because, I do think a there is a certain % of the players leaving just for the level of grinding is so daym high? no? ..(specially if you working solo and are without a rank)

    Other then that, I do think it's a really really good idea to totally focus on one server atm, get it all stable with everything from plugins to players not lagging. And then later (if people want it) open a strawpoll for a new server. I also think it's an awesome idea of admins and everyone involved making the reset possible tries to shift the focus from afk-ing part on skyblock and towards players actually working together, it's brilliant if you manage to do this <3

    Depending on when the reset is I might even get free time from work, I hope. yay!

    Good luck guys o7
  16. Hmmm...? All I can say is good luck, I really do hope it does pick up once again. Ever since I joined back in 2015 I knew right there and then this was going to be my favorite server. I absolutely loved the community and everything about it, over the three years I've been apart of the server it was... has been an amazing adventure. Seeing this post almost made me smile, I absolutely love seeing the community falling back into place after getting ripped apart. Of course I'd be more hyped if I didn't have issues of my own but hey, I'll still hop on to check it out upon the release. I would absolutely love it to see some old faces and even some new faces!

    Whenever this version gets released, make sure to keep it golden. I still love and miss you staff crew [insert that blow kiss emoji here]
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  17. We all miss u too bb <3 hope u resolve ur problems m8
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