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Network Reset - Skyblock and Prison + Factions release

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dylz, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. A quote from Dylz earlier today on Discord -


    Dylz-Today at 1:28 PM
    @here We're currently waiting on a builder to complete a build then we should be all good for release!"
  2. Tysm did he say how long he thinks it will take
  3. Dylz in Discord once again -

    Dylz-Today at 2:41 PM

    The builder should be done by mid day tomorrow for me

    eg 11 hours

    So that is.. about 7 hours if all goes according to plan
  4. will banned players be unbanned after reset? or do they have to make ban appeal.
  5. I suggest u make a ban appeal
    In the worst case you will have to buy an unban
    But i don’t know why ur banned so i can’t say ur appeal will get accepted
  6. Hacking/MobAura was the ban reason

    And yeah, it may be a reset but I honestly would say that bans will stay. I suggest appealing or buying an unban. (To Legend)
  7. It wasnt announced that bans will reset so they probly wont
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  8. So the times dylz says are weird
    he says in 17 hours from his post
    his post was at 3 am for me 17 hours from that is 8 pm
    on the thread he says the reset is 10 pm
    on the server banner it says 10 pm GMT so 11 pm for me ?
  9. *cough cough* me
  10. and who are you xD?