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Network Reset - Skyblock and Prison + Factions release

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dylz, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Well the thing is, people have already way past maxed out the server as it is, and implementing major updates mid version would be very non-productive. And 2 weeks waiting for a reset is pointless, why make people sit around for 2 weeks waiting for all their stuff to be wiped? 8 days notice is perfectly fine. And that's not their fault you couldn't finish your design, it's their choice and since many people already have beaten the version, wouldn't be long before others would complete it and get insanely bored.

    To be honest you should be happy that there are major changes coming into this. And none of it is last minute or a surprise, many people knew it'd happen eventually, especially when for the last few days a lot of us online have been asked questions on certain aspects, like boss drops, boss names, things to do with prison, and so forth, and that was before the reset was announced.

    We also knew it'd happen eventually when fear basically utterly destroyed economy with the amount he could make, and amounts of money others made too. So in all honesty, if you didn't guess it would happen soon, a good while ago, you really need to pay attention more to what's going on.
  2. We need more love ;(
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  3. You're complaining yet I haven't seen you on the server on any consecutive days. Therfore, I don't think you get much of a say in whether or not we go ahead with the reset. Yes, there are many alt accounts that come online but new players and active players trumps that highly. I just wish some people would be happy that the server is receiving an upgrade in many other ways instead of moaning about it.
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  4. What love do you need ;) heh.
  5. The one that attracts people ;)
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  6. Sorry sir. But I am showing you some loveee!
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  7. ooo ;) <3
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  8. I'm defending Prison with this; The reason why I love prison so god damn much on CN, its not bec of the mines, the enchants, the artwork behind everything, no, its about the people that play it who I god damn love so much, as, There can be more activity in chat with 4 people on in prison then 20 people on Skyblock, and, You know everyone on prison, its hard not to, as, you will find eachother in mines pvp, plots, you never rlly know how Prison will end up, it might be the best v, with alot of people on, but not great enchants, or, no players with great enchants, thats the down part from Prison, it could be empty, and, I would love to change that in any way, Ty to all Prison players, and, they know who they are, I dont have to tell them, Thank you <3
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  9. @orangecrush

    I do agree with the above, although this version came around and ended very quickly, although many players, mainly me, will be happy to admit that this version wasn't very optimised for a long-term grind without a reset coming into place very quickly.

    I do agree that there should be a lot more testing for the server before the new versions come around, and a lot of changes need to be added to improve the economy, rather than destroy it, which is what happened in this version (I'll expand and put over my opinion on this). Such as all the keys and giveaways at the beginning of this version, gave myself, and many other players a really quick, and beneficial start to the version. However, whenever newer players joined, whether late (If they've played before) or new completely, then they'd be set back much further to the players that started straight away; and in my opinion, this is just unfair. Newer players should have to grind, and so should players that joined at the beginning, or close-to.

    As I have put across many times to the staff team, Dylz mainly (As he put across ideas for spawners next version to me) that I believe there should be a lot more manual grinding for versions, as everyone just AFK's and there's no real community anymore like there was back in '15 when I joined originally. Spawners need to be a lot less OP, and regular farms need to be much more worth the time of building, the time of grinding and replacing the seeds/plants for them to grow. In my opinion, this would allow many players to build large areas with great designs, rather than little stone boxes with a spawner in it, with hoppers and chests slapped underneath it.

    For spawners to be a lot less op, I put across the point that there should be a limit of every spawner in /shop. For example, 50 IGs maximum per island, 50 Blazes maximum per island. And so on, or possibly, rate it on how good the spawner is, such as spawners that make much more money, reduce the overall limit of them; Such as 10 IGs, up to 100 Skeletons, as another example.

    I will admit, I did sort of ruin this version, but that was through no fault of my own, me and my island members before they essentially quit, abused the fact that the economy was quite awful and money was extremely easy to get if you pushed the efficiency of hopper systems for Iron Golem Spawners.

    The couple of ideas above would, in my opinion, stretch the time needed for another reset; which, in term would allow more, fresh ideas to be tested and implemented for another version much later on in next year, or even in a couple of years. And this would allow players to build masterpieces and make their islands aesthetically pleasing, rather than something to make your eyes bleed if you look at it for too long.

    This is coming from a player who plays most days actively for a couple of hours, and mostly AFKs. I actually wanted this version to end quickly, and I'm glad that it has, and the ideas above are hopefully going to allow the Admins and Developers to shape, and come up with something that will improve the lifespan and longevity of the upcoming version of Skyblock.

    I just thought I should put my point across.

    - Feardom/Pumpkins
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  10. Cool, I might even come back for a little... I don't recommend the server to reset in at least 3 weeks, because when the server first reset is when people need the most help! Of course, some staff members and admina the will be gone for holiday and there will just be a lot of chaos... anyways, I LUV DIS
  11. Wow. That was fast.
  12. Just wanna know where tf factions is....
  13. If you had read the post Dylz put, you'd know that Factions is being released along with the reset of Skyblock and Prison. Please read the original post before asking a question in which an answer has already been given to you.

    Thanks - Moon
  14. Soft... If you don't join next version I'll disown you as my son.
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  15. Yeaaahhh.... How long have you stated you wanna come back Potato? ; . ; Stahp letting us down boy! </3
  16. Congratz on staff
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  17. is it starting at exactly 12/15/17?
  18. Possibly another day or so depending
  19. has a time been announced yet?
  20. Anyone have any ideas when Skyblock will be coming back?