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Network Reset - Skyblock and Prison + Factions release

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dylz, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Hello, Cycloners!

    This version seems to have flown by and due to some changes on the staff team and with the introduction of a new developer we believe it fitting for a Skyblock and Prison Reset along with the releasing of factions, this has been in the works for the past few weeks although we still have lots to get through, we are updating and adding completely new plugins that will enhance gameplay and provide a much more memorable experience on Cyclone Network, the reset will be in 8 days approximately, theres no set time at the moment although a few days before the reset we will let everyone know the exact time of the reset.

    a LOT more info to come very soon!

    Donor ranks will stay over reset and the last 2 weeks of purchases from the 15th and onwards will be rerun.

    We look forward to a brand new adventure to be shared with you all! Along with some brand new youtubers !

    Love, Dylz :*
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  2. oh, this sounds good, hope you all have fun!
  3. ily dylz papa
  4. hype!
  5. Dang this version flew by
    it was litty and I met some amazing new people along the way.
  7. #Hype #Hype #Hype
  8. #Hype and #DylzBestAdmin <3 :D Enjoy all!
  9. im the new yuotubber
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  10. But most important...
    Do paper ranks stay?
  11. As far as what I was told, they weren't removed from people in previous versions, and was also told they would be staying by either Laf or Bam when I asked about it a little while back.
  12. incase they stay imma make a screen of me having the rank
  13. Did you just spoil something??
  14. Ayyye that was hella quick
  15. Good idea
  16. Where's the subscribe button I can't find it
  17. Also, are coinshop perks being reset too? Want it confirmed because some say yes and some say no apparently, so no one is entirely sure
  18. I don't think they will
  19. Is this going to be the new trend? Resets every 4 months? If so then this may not be the platform for me anymore. Nothing against the people who afk for hours on end, afk multiple alts, or have 5+ island members, that's just not my style of Skyblock. I prefer to play a more manual style of skyblock and enjoy the process of grinding, building, and expanding. But it's a very time consuming style and this will be the 3rd version where I was not able to finish even half of the island design I had planned. Heck, this version I had just started destroying the temporary farms/grinders and starting my actual island design. Because of work schedule and internet issues I wasn't planning on an elaborate build this time around and was going for a more "fun" build, but thought I had at least 2 more months before the slightest murmur of "reset" would be going around.

    I don't want to leave,I love this server. The personalities of the regulars and staff make the chat fun and interesting enough to make you wonder where the time went instead of feeling like you're watching paint dry. And I love a lot of the customization and enhancements that gives skyblock a feeling of "New and Improved", but I think some things were thrown in because they would've been cool to add, but when put together as a whole they caused conflicts and bugs that you had to remove them or replace them.

    If you're going to do a reset, then take the time and vigorously test and tweak and test again until you are sure it is ready for release and have a backup plans/possible fixes for anything and everything that you could dream could go wrong and then stop, don't add or change anything mid-version that is not an absolute necessity. Make notes of what was great, what was hated, and what could be tweaked to be made better for the next reset to make the next version even better. If you test everything hard enough, we should be able to get 6 months between resets with more new players sticking around instead of getting frustrated and leaving. And, for the love of God! Not dropping a reset bomb on us would be nice! 2 weeks would be really nice, and to help make it so the server stays active, do some cool stuff like build contests or give world edit to everyone while we wait for the reset, and then have a huge party to end the version on a good note instead of a sour one.

    Ok, I'm getting down off my soapbox, my ranting is over. I just want to log onto skyblock and be able to enjoy it without constant last min changes and surprises. Sorry
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