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My Application

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by YTRinox, Jan 12, 2017.

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  1. YTRinox
    12 Jan 2017
    17 of Age
    Australian Eastern Time Zone
    Mine W
    Yes as a moder
    I Have Skype
    1 week says 1day but new account lol
    The Plots
    I Left in combat. Just did /kit starter . To not leave in combat. XD
    I Work With Kids So I Think I Can Handle With Hackes or Scammers.
  2. Use the correct format please.
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  3. When you don't use the format correctly, it makes an application look a complete mess. Plus your answers are really vague and short. Put the questions from the example and add your own answers in the gaps.

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  4. Add the questions before the answers and please, make it longer... gl
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  5. Application Denied.

    Thank you for your interest in applying for a staff position on our team. However, at this time we feel it is best to deny your application as a staff member. We are looking for well-rounded staff members who put detail in to how they would contribute to the network in-game and on the forums. From this, we expect continued activity after positing an application, active forum posting and helping other players around the network.

    Tips for improve if you decided to reapply in 30 days:
    • Provide more detail to your responses to help us get to know you better as a person.
    • You have your points done, however they are not expanded on & is hard to understand.
    • Continue to be active after posting a staff application.
    • Active forum posting & helping others around the network.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.