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Monthly Voter Rewards

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Fire959fox, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. Both
  2. So? It just means how loyal players are to continue with the server. Plus it really doesn't matter whether they're doing it for the prize or not, they're still helping.

    Instead of complaining about free prizes be grateful for it, not everything works in your favor nor opinion.
  3. They're still helpful, but, is it really the same doing something for a prize than voluntarily? The prizes are great I'll tell you that, but when you think about it, the WAY they get it, that's where the thing comes in
  4. Hey I'm loyal to the server I've been here for two years without a rank :( I just vote as much I can. I don't really do it for the prize; I just do it to support the server.
  5. Get a rank, you deserve to for being here for 2 years.
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  6. The problem is money :/ I don't have anything i'm only 14. I don't have a job to get money.
  7. Then im not talking about you
    Im 11 and im god. I get money from bdays and working around the house
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  8. and if it's tied? what happens?
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  9. I'm 13 and I'm god too, I get money from birthdays, races, and other events.
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  11. By races I meant like swim meets, track, etc
  12. Grammar error: May's Winners:
    Not May Winner's
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  13. I'm sure theres SOME way of getting a rank
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    disagree this post if u are secretly gay
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  15. Oh ffs Magic
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  16. There's lots of ways to get money in Ohio. #1 easy way to make money for anyone, of any age, any gender, and in any part of the world is selling items they own or can make, or

    Selling through FB groups can get u some fast,easy money. (Safety first-I always meet my buyers in the parking lot of a local, busy store, and never alone.)

    At age 14, you are old enough to babysit. Boy or girl, doesn't matter, babysitting pays really good money.

    In Ohio you experience all 4 seasons, usually in a single week, so there's usually always some kind of yard work, clean up or shoveling that can be done for neighbors.

    Elderly ppl pay back-in-the-day wages, but still, I've made a lot of money walking their dogs, mowing, doing some shopping for them, etc. Elderly ppl will usually happily hand over a buck or 5 for helping them with something that needs done, not necessarily because they can't do it themselves, but because they are lonely and you become their captive audience.

    Farmers markets are everywhere now, whether in your backyard or in a community garden, home grown veggies are easy money.

    Sorry, but for almost anyone aged 10+, there is always a way to make money. If you truly believe it is impossible, then either you haven't been encouraged/shown how to find them, have parents that will not allow it, or are just not interested enough to put in the work/time required. If it is knowledge and encouragement, then you are in luck. Google search and YouTube is full of money making ideas for tweens and teens. If it's your parents, then I suggest showing them that you are serious and provide them with a detailed plan of your money making idea and supporting proof of it's viability and be ready/able to answer any objections with well thought out and researched answers and meet any utters of problems/what-ifs with a list of options and work arounds. If it's the work and time required to find such opportunities or having to do the work that makes u shrug and say it's impossible, well, maybe the Google search and YouTube will encourage and inspire you or hopefully you will marry rich, hit the lottery, or inherit a fortune. Otherwise, you are more than likely to be saying the same exact thing 20 years from now.

    Sorry, but reality check time.
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  17. Thank you. You sure spent your time for little ol me. Also lets suspend this topic in this thread. It is not meant to be :here.
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  19. I do believe that the top voter isn't based on the voting website, you have to go in game and do the command /topvoter

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  20. I believe that is a bit unfair. If it's based off of that, the same person will win every single month if they continue to vote. It should be based off the main voting website because it shows who really is interested in voting for the month so I do truly believe he has it.
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