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Monthly Vote Vouchers v2!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by GeT_BamBooZel, Jun 28, 2018.

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    Hello everyone! You thought this was gone but hell no! Welcome Back to Vote Rewards v2.0! Here I will keep you posted on the new monthly winners each month! The prices changed a tiny bit :eek:. 1st place will now receive 30$, 2nd one 20$ and 3rd 10$. You can win these vouchers each month if you are a dedicated voter!

    Q - Where and how do I redeem it if I win?
    A - It can only be used on the Cyclone Network Store, at the ‘’Redeem Coupons / Gift Cards’' just copy paste it there.
    Q - Does it have an expiration date?
    A - No, it doesn’t expire.
    Q - Can I use it on more than one account?
    A - No, you can only apply it to one in-game account. A voucher cannot be redeemed for more than 1 in game name. It’s the one you enter in the Buycraft Store!

    The winners will need to contact Brody either in-game, in a forums message or Discord.
    In the event of two or more players having the same amount of votes at the end of the month, the winners will be drawn at random!

    But enough with the everything, we are all here for the winners, and here they are!:

    1st.- Haitsu
    2nd.- iPwnageLOL
    3rd.- drimmblue
    1st.- BritishMunkeh
    2nd.- Haitsu
    3rd.- GoldenFin

    Remember to vote every day to have a chance to win any of these! Click Here to vote! Join every start of the month to see the next winners!

    - The CycloneNetwork Staff Team
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  2. RIP im going camping
  3. I feel like the top 3 will all have the same amount, would it be better to increase it to top 5? Also what will happen in the event of a tie?
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    What is different about this monthly voter award v2? Aside from prices
  6. I think it's just the prices...
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  7. So june stil counts?
  8. Congrats, Little Buggers <3
    - Bam <3
  9. thank <3
  10. Congrats to my two favorite nerds and of course; myself!
  11. Congratz to all winners
  12. Because I do Monthly Vote <3, and the server has been up for about a Month
  13. Winners are Announced Brats! Msg Brody to get your Vouchers!
    And Congarts <3
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  14. Congarts to the other nerds!