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Monthly Vote Rewards

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by GeT_BamBooZel, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Monthly Vote Reward Thread. Here I will keep you posted on the new monthly winners. The prices will be the same as last one. 1st place will receive 50$, 2nd one 25$ and 3rd 12.50$. You can get any of these rewards by voting every day for a month!

    Some information about the coupon;
    Q - Where and how do I redeem it if I win?
    A - It can only be used on the Cyclone Network store, at the ''redeem coupon code'' just copy paste it there.
    Q - Does it have an expiration date?
    A - No it doesn't expire.
    Q - Can I use it on more than one account?
    A - No, you can only apply it to one in-game name. A voucher cannot be redeemed for more than 1 in game name.

    The winners will need to contact Dylz either in-game, in a forums message or Discord. In the event of two or more players having the same amount of votes at the end of the month, the winners will be drawn at random.

    But enough with the Intro, we are all here for the winners, and here they are!:

    1st Place (50$) - Purur
    2nd Place (25$) - SubtleRain
    3rd Place (12.50$) - karri104

    1st Place (50$) - SubtleRain
    2nd Place (25$) - Squiggyamy
    3rd Place (12.50$) - karri104

    Remember to vote every day to have a chance to win any of these! Click Here to vote! Join every start of the month to see the next winners!

    - The CycloneNetwork Staff Team
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  2. OooooOooO well done decembers winners (p.s bam making dem dank posts)
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  3. pls fix these spelling mistakes
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  4. There Mr. Purfect
  5. and then the "December Winner's" thing. anyway cool thread dude
  6. Pur winning #1 rigged smhmyhead
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  7. Since Dylz hasn't been on is there another way to get the voucher code?
  8. I've mentioned it to Dylz. He has been very busy with his life latly, and for personal reasons he can't be on alot, but, hopefuly he can hook u up with ur coupon. Sorry for all the problems and delay.

    -Bam <3
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  9. I'm delaying the winners of February as I don't have any contact with the manager of Vote Vouchers, I'm very sorry for the delay all, but hopefuly we fix everything. Don't worry of the top votes, you will still get the vouchers, it will just be delayed.

    Again Sorry, Loves from Bam And The Staff Team <3
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  10. What is up with the server? I've been trying to get on for the past two days and it says not able to connect? Ive checked and both this website and the multiplayer hub states that 1 to zero players have been on. is the server shutting down?
    i really like this sky block.:(
  11. I sure hope it's not shutting down. We need someone to tell us what's going on. At least a simple update on the status of the server would be nice. :eek:
  12. When is the server gonna be back up and running?
  13. Why does it say 2 ppl are on the server but no one can join?
  14. The server is open to some people but not everyone.
  15. Is it open for you? Cause for he past week only one person has been on and off?
  16. Its probs the staffs are doing something on the server
  17. No it's not open for me currently but at one point it was.
  18. ugh i want to join so badly and get back to m island! :(
  19. who are the 2 ppl always online? and how/why are y'all on? i want to join the server please allow me?
  20. whats the closest sky block server closest to this one so i can play? PVP wars suck!!