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minespear4 - Instakill

Discussion in 'Archived Player Reports' started by GeT_BamBooZel, Aug 12, 2017.

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    Your IGN: GeT_BamBooZel
    IGN(s) of the reported player: minespear4
    Time & Date of broken rule: 12-August-2017
    Which rule(s) did the player(s) break?: Rule 5# No Using HackClients
    Explain briefly what had happened: I was pvping someone, well he left 1stly bec minespear4 knocked me away so the other player got away, then we pvped, i was full armor (maybe my helmet broke but didnt) then he instakilled me in mid fight, full god armor.
    Support evidence:

    [​IMG] My Old Armor That He Has (i dont know where the boots are)

    If you look cosely at my death screen, i was in full armor when he did instakill me. He Instakilled CactiSnowy too.

    watch from 4:50 to 5:10, if u stop on exactly 5:00 u can see my death screen.
    I do accept my 3 day ban for going into pvp in /god
  2. Yes, it was clear that he did in fact Instakill you. However, watching this over, I see that you went into PVP in god mode at the end.
  3. Just added it
  4. Okay, I respect that you would take your punishment so that a hacker would get banned of the server. Respect points.
  5. Thank You for the report! Player has been dealt with, also you have been banned temporarily for using /god in PVP.

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Thread Status:
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