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Milky's new and improved staff app

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by Zamani, Dec 31, 2016.

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    IGN (InGame Name):
    DontDrinkMyMilk, previously known as ZamaniGirl and i_Dino

    Date of application:



    Time zone:

    InGame ranks (Mine rank and Donation Rank,only if you have one)
    Donor Rank-God
    Prison Rank-B(I have money, I just plan to rank later)
    Sky block Island Level-over 15,000(it goes up constantly, and I am part of Subtle Rain's island)

    Have you any past staff experiences? If any, then please describe (DO NOT post other server IP's)
    I was an admin on my friend's server, then got promoted to co-owner. Im not 100% sure this counts, since I didn't learn any commands, etc., so as Smite said, you have to start somewhere.:)
    In addition to this I had my own server, it was fairly small and it taught me how to manage a server(I even went to a minecraft servre camp when I was younger).

    Do you have Teamspeak, Skype and a microphone?
    I have Skype, I don't have a microphone nor Teamspeak but could easily get them both.

    Have you ever been banned, muted or kicked on CycloneNetwork? (If so, then why?)
    Bans-I was once banned for 3 days, I think, for auctioning the stuff in my inventory that i didn't need, and of them was tripwire hooks. I think Zogg thought I was trying to make people think they were crate keys, but I promise I wasn't. I was also perm banned for the end of V4(I think) for rank scamming. I promise I was going to get the ranks, but I got banned before I got the chance to. I also got banned for joking around
    Mutes-I got muted once for forgetting to turn off caps in a long message.

    I just want to say Im sorry for this. I will own up to mistakes and say that I should have told Zogg that I was just auctioning tripwire hooks because I didn't need them, and I also should have got the ranks before they thought I wasn't going to get them. Many people met me when I made these mistakes, and that became their impression of me, their first impression of me. What they didn't know was that I'm more that what they know about me. Someone once said that I have been playing ever since V1, and I was bound to mess up a few times. This is not an excuse to mess up, but I do think this is true. Anyway, Im going to end this paragraph by saying Im sorry, and that I hope my true colors shine through, and that my potential is shown.

    How long have you been playing on CycloneNetwork?
    Every since V1, Im a proud original member.XD

    Do you have the ability to record minecraft video?
    Yes, and I have.

    Where are you most active on CycloneNetwork?
    Following the reset I have been really active on Skyblock, but before the reset I was really active on Prison. Currently I am active on both, but more on Skyblock. There was also a time where I was active on Factions. I was also active on Skywars, which btw I miss so much, and on creative. To sum this up I love every bit of Cyclone Network.

    Tell us about a time you made a mistake? How did you deal with it? What did you learn?
    One time I had an essay due the the next day that I had only just began. Im not really sure what I was thinking but I didn't do it, and I woke up the day of the deadline at 3:00 to work on it. I had to have it turned in and presented that day. I ended up finishing it and presenting it, and when we got it back I had gotten and A+. This taught me not to procrastinate, and to finish my tasks early on.

    Have you made any previous applications, if so how many and what is the date of your last one?
    Three, one of which I asked to be closed since I wanted to make this one.

    Anything else we should know?
    Guys I just want you to know that I agree that back then I was not the most mature person. I live and I learn, and I own up to whatever I do. I want you to know that I have matured greatly as a person, making more friends, helping people, doing what I can to make people happier, ect. The person some people may know me as may have been those couple of times I messed up. I try to be known as the person who helped so and so, who is nice, who is fun... I don't want to be known as the person who is mean just because I made a bad first impression. I'm sorry Logan, Magic......what you saw of me was one of those few times I messed up.

    I would like to be staff because have been playing ever since V1 and I have really gotten to know the server well, and I think that it would be beneficial to the Cyclone community if I were to become staff and help them by using my past experiences. Many people have also told me I would be good for the job.

    I want to stay humble but at the same time name my strengths.
    -I think I would do a good job keeping Cyclone Network a positive place
    -I know all the rules
    -I always try to be mature while funny, fun, and energetic
    -I am a fair person

    I had an old account on the Cyclone Forums that I think I was fairly active on. I forgot the password and the email I used for that account so I had to make this account after I lost that one.

    I like
    -the color blue
    -playing soccer
    -playing Minecraft
    -doing stuff


    Thank you so much guys for reading this!
    Love you guys!<3
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  2. A decent application!
    But i just want to point out to you that i saw some grammar mistakes

    Hopefully that point would help you with your staff application! :)
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    Thanks, done!
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  4. For staff, co-owner does count, but what did you learn throughout your experience as a co-owner on a server? Did you learn any commands like /socialspy, /warn, /permban, etc.? Did you learn any things about managing a server as a co-owner. Please go more in-depth.
    Otherwise, good luck!
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  5. Thanks I will do that!
  6. Guys I'm not really sure how I forgot this but I had my own server!
  7. DontDrinkMyMilk this is a very nice application. You included lots of detail and the colors look nice. It was great that you emphasized that you were maybe not the most mature person back then and that you have matured. I have talked to you in-game and you definitely seem nice and mature. But on question 7, if you think about it, if you procrastinated your project and still got an A+, did you really learn your lesson? You did something that you shouldn't have and you got rewarded with it. That's just something to consider, but I think this app is still better than your previous one and I think that you for sure deserver staff. +1
  8. Ik I thought I was going to fail I just added that to make myself look smart.XDLol sorry if that was misleading.
  9. Nice application! I think you are definitely fit for the position.+1 for me
    Good luck!
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  10. You made a staff app on Tuesday, stick to that application, keep editing it, I don't understand why you made a completely new application.
  11. Idk, I just didn't like my other one. I asked for it to be locked.
  12. Again, if you didn't like your old application, EDIT IT.
    You can erase everything and start over on your old application, no need to make a whole new one in a week.
  13. I am pretty sure that zamani had a lot of hate comments and the comments were getting out of track so then he made a new one
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    Ya that's mostly it. It's not cause I want an app with no hate though, it was just getting out of hand.
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    Good luck m8
  16. A few things:
    1. It seems that quite a few players have said that 16 is not your real age, and in fact you are much younger. Care to explain why that is? Is 16 your real age?
    2. You failed to mention in your application that you were banned last version for Impersonating staff. If I am not mistaken you changed your name to "HugggieBear" came online, and said you didn't have your permissions. I would like to remind you that withholding information on an application will result in denial.
    3. You have been kicked before.
    4. You say you know all the server's rules, yet you have 7 times for breaking rules such as Character Spam, or Disobeying staff. Would you remind me as to why you broke these rules repeatedly? And how you could improve in the future?

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  17. Firstly I forgot about that name so that's that, sorry. Second I haven't been kicked, not that I remember I have been warned, sorry if I have. Lastly I am 16, a lot of people may know me as younger because they forgot I grew from v1........... I don't stay the same age fyi. Thanks though Petarr!
  18. If Petarr said that you were banned and kicked aand you even acknowledged it, add it to your application because if you don't, you're just lying and staff instantly deny apps that lie. Be honest in your application or you won't get accepted.
  19. I did but I don't think I have been kicked the ban I now remember. Thanks!
  20. I'm so sorry but I just checked and I have been kicked sorry! I'm not even applying for staff anymore read my goodbye.
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