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LifeOfGaming01-Staff Application V3

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by Life01, Mar 18, 2017.

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  1. Good Luck!
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  2. Can't go straight to banning people :p, Got to get through [T-Helper] & [Helper] first
  3. Thanks <3
  4. Good Look I Would Give It a +1 Hope To See You As Staff Soon
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  5. Long time no see, and thanks :D

  6. Luck you mean? XD
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  8. Good luck on your application! You would make a great staff member!
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  9. Thanks <3
  10. Hey Life,

    Great application, I just want to say for staff if you read this that in our altercation that he should not be punished for his brothers actions he refunded us within 30 minutes of getting online.

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    Nice app. You could add more detail, like in the mistake part. Also Italics is ugly. Overall, I don't think in it's current state it will be accepted, but if you added more detail to each answer you would be considered.

    These are my true thoughts, not going to lie. If you want, go ahead and hate me, but again, my true thoughts.
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  12. Thanks, and im sorry about my brother. I'll soon be buying him his own account so he doesn't have to use mine anymore :D
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  13. It doesn't matter about how the application looks.
  14. or vise versa
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  15. It does. Color & bold makes the application better if used right.
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  16. I personally think it looks okay although these are just opinions, it's Life's application he can do whatever pleases him. Also I feel like the color and bold are last priorities, it's really not important I've seen many applications just use the simple black color with bold and normal and it looked great! Tell me, in real life would applications have 74 different colors? Idk where you put your application for then. :p
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  17. :D Purfect
  18. Not 74, but 2. I get that color is last priority, but personally, I think italic font is ugly. It's okay once in a while, the whole thing, Ug, makes it hard to read for me. Irl an application wouldn't have color, but this is Cyclone, not irl
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  19. Alrighty ;)
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  20. yay!
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