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Keneyplayz Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Archived Ban Appeals' started by keneyplayz, Apr 19, 2017.

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  1. Your IGN: keneyplayz
    Reason for Ban: Schematica
    Time & Date of Ban: 2017-04-19, 8:53pm
    Name of Staff member who banned you: Huggiee
    Why you should be unbanned: I had no idea schematica is not allowed, I use schematica in every other server I play, so I taught this server was like every other server. I had no warning too, Plz I had no clue and If I get unbanned I will not use it again.
    Supporting Evidence [Optional]:

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  2. You will have to wait for an admin to accept or deny this appeal. However, this is posted by Hayden aka Dwiz aka the Owner who did say that if you use these mods you can and most likely will be banned. I would guess that you will most-likely have to buy a unban pass which there is a link down below. I also think that you having this forums account for 12 days just makes it more likely you should have seen this post. I have sent the Allowed and Disallowed mods and also the server store if you want to buy a unban pass.

    Allowed and Disallowed Mods:
    Server Store:

    - Tucker
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  3. I never saw that post, I never forums guess that my fault but I feel like I should have being like warned I was doing something wrong because when I started nothing happening till he banned my like 3 hours into using the printer.
  4. I believe that schematica is allowed on this server, although printer is not. In the not allowed section it only says schematica printer. Therefore you were probably using printer and Huggiee most likely has evidence of you using it.
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  5. Where you using schematica [save a copy for (your own world)] or schematica printer? Because Schematica Printer is not alowed.

    Hydolix beat me by a second ^^ what he said.
  6. Literally by a second. And which one were you using Keney? Truthfully I think Huggiee most likely saw you using the printer part of it and banned you for that. But you never know which one do you use?
  7. Fairly banned, always ask if mods are allowed or not
  8. You should check rules of a server before joining so due to your ignorance to the rules you should stay banned.
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  9. We do not allow the use of schematica, so this is denied.
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