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[item] glitch

Discussion in 'Archived Bug Reports' started by Hydro, Apr 20, 2017.

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    All I need to do is [item] and it breaks
    Any photo/video of the bug in effect:

    (YES, I have tested without Color on)
  2. Hmmm thats really wired hopefully some magical admin+ can fix it. Wish you the best of luck this would be really annoying
  3. I've had it since the beginning of the last version of skyblock, SUPER annoying!!
  4. its the amount of capital letters in your ign.
  5. So does that mean I need to change my IGN to fix the issue?? Previously I have never had an issue with this until just recently
  6. What's the maximum capital letters you
    Can have for this to work??
  7. Just change you nickname
  8. Dylz said IGN not nick. Changing the nickname wouldn't do anything
  9. The nick is the display name, Dylz just said IGN because his nick IS his IGN so just changing the nick would work
  10. It seems that you have changed your name now and it seems to be working perfectly.
  11. Yea :D
  12. As this issue seems to be resolved. I guess requesting lock.
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Thread Status:
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