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iRaze's Staff Application v2

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by iAstronaut, Nov 10, 2016.

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    Hey there Cyclone! I'm back again making my second application, mainly in order to update the format but also as a second round having played a lot more than I had in my first application. I hope you enjoy reading, as I certainly enjoyed writing.

    Staff Application - iAstronaut - Cyclone Network

    1) IGN: My in game name is iAstronaut. I'm more commonly recognised as iRaze.

    2) Date of application: I've had my application in a Word document in order for me to progress my application over a matter of days, so from the 6th October to the 10th October 2016.

    3) Age: I'm 16 years old!

    4) Country: I live in the United Kingdom.

    5) Time zone: My time zone is GMT -1.

    6) InGame ranks: I'm a Global God rank, as well as being Prestige 3, Mine Z on Prison.

    7) Have you any past staff experiences? I have owned several of my own servers, as well as being helper, moderator, manager and developer on several.

    I find it quite natural to manage staff because of my last owner days and do so in a fairly professional manner. I've once been paid as a Manager for my services in assisting the Owner on a smaller server I found on the "new" section on a server list. This gave me an insight to life as a higher-tier staff member and allowed me to see a server from a staff point of view as oppose to a potential business point of view as an Owner.

    I had so much fun owning all those servers and it was such a brilliant experience, allowing me to relate to other server owners, how servers work in terms of plugins and all the technical stuff and know what they're going through in terms of funding and keeping the server hack-free. I learnt a lot about businesses and how to sell a product. I started my first server at age 13 so I had to get funds. Fast. So I did, I advertised professionally and sold the ranks at an affordable yet profitable price. The server sadly lost its 'umph' and the players began to get bored of gameplay. I was struggling to find ways of keeping players interested. This may have been due to the fact I had no Dev to create plugins that would give the player a better experience, or it was just how I had set up the server initially.

    As well as my Owner experience, I thoroughly enjoyed my less-senior-staff days. It was great to be able to manage players and keep the server kid-friendly and hack-free all while still being seen as a member of the community. I think that is a key difference between senior staff and junior staff. The senior staff are seen as the "bosses" or as management and don't get viewed as "friends" in most cases.

    While Moderating one server I had an Admin who was in charge of me and he was excellent at his job. He was respected, direct and firm but he had an amazing relationship with the rest of the players and that's what I hope to achieve if I'm granted Helper here on Cyclone.

    As a Dev I mainly focused on creating basic plugins and tidying up Configs. I find I'm very effective in working my way around a config file and how to write it up. I completely customised the Essentials plugin from scratch and made it so unique that when I managed to hire a more experienced Developer he didn't recognise it. I enjoy doing the little things like that and it gave me access to a giant new knowledgebase of Plugins, Configuration and all the little tweaks that you can do to a server to satisfy who it needs to satisfy.

    8) Do you have Teamspeak, Skype and a microphone? I have TeamSpeak, Skype and a microphone. I use the Blue Snowball which is designed for online comms and produces a high quality output.

    9) Have you ever been punished on CycloneNetwork? I have been... In my very early days, I was "outraged" I think I said, at the way staff were treating new players such as myself. This involved Purur and BritishMunkeh. In terms of "where-are-they-now", I played on Pur's island and we are fantastic friends (Hue Hue if you're reading this) and me and Josh often laugh about my little row. I since have received warnings for being "salty" as the cool kids say but have never been the victim of a severe punishment since.

    As of V6 I've only received 6 warnings! Woo hoo! I'm hoping to keep my warnings as low as possible to better my chances as an applicant.
    I was also falsely banned for 'Chargeback' at the start of V6 but have sorted all of that out with Dylz and it (apparently) won't harm my application.

    As well as this, I want to make clear that my Dwizofoz ban was a joke... Some people have taken it way too seriously but you can actually see on my signature that it lasted less than a minute...

    10) How long have you been playing on CycloneNetwork? I've played on Cyclone for just over 5 months now having joined on the 7th September and donating by the 10th. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here and have decided to have a crack at going for staff.

    11) Do you have the ability to record minecraft video? I do, I use a premium £80 ($100) software called Camtasia that allows me to edit and annotate video's if necessary at high quality.

    12) Where are you most active on CycloneNetwork? I'm most active on Skyblock and have more recently begun to enjoy my time on Prison, getting to know the players over on that side of the server. I rendered into Factions for a bit but never got into it. I used to play on a huge Factions server and was one of the top players for their 'Magic Planet' (If you ever played there you may well remember me as Catalysed).

    I have been on TeamSpeak and the Forums however I do feel they are very underused for the price Cyclone is having to pay for them. XenForo which is our Forums software is not cheap... If you look it up, pricing starts at $140 and it seems like such a throw-away to not use it. If you choose me to be staff I'll be your mouthpiece in inputting any community ideas to the staff and ensure they get added. That's what I do best. Persuasion. I've recently become a very frequent poster on the Forums and will make it my duty as a knowledgeable community member to aid all those who require it!

    I've done a lot of TeamSpeaking and have enjoyed all of it, from guiltily messing with Pur's head with Wizard_life and generally having a fully enjoyable time, speaking with several Staff members such as Dylz, Rectangle and Jyzo. I've always come back to TeamSpeak because I imagine it as a sort of 'rebels base' where "anything goes", I like to let my cheeky side out once in a while and TeamSpeak is a good place for such ;)

    13) Tell us about a time you made a mistake? How did you deal with it? What did you learn? A couple of weeks ago I confronted Dylz to ask for a forum's name change. He had been extremely blunt with me and I overreacted. After a few minutes I realized I was beginning to agitate the most well known senior staff member on Cyclone. Not smart. I asked for a fresh start and decided to take time to think of what to say without being offensive or aggressive in the future.

    I learnt to really think before you speak in most cases on Cyclone, and I think a lot of other people should try to acquire such a skill because it'll save you big time in the long run if you watch what you say.

    14) Have you made any previous applications, if so how many and what is the date of your last one? I made an application last month in early October which was unresponsive in terms of staff. It was advised to me by Pur, as a friend, to reinvent my application in the new format.

    15) Anything else we should know? I'm currently learning how to Photoshop and have been on my online course for 4 months. I'd love to help provide server graphics in the future if required, regardless of whether I get my desired staff or not.

    A little bit about me so you get a feel as to what I'm like. I'm 15, quite bulky and if you refer to the "Minecraft Stereotype" of a fat kid with glasses, I'm far off it. I'm very athletic, play Rugby (Similar to American Football) for my county and regularly go to the gym. I am a bit of a geek though... I'm taking Computing, Geography, French and PE for my GCSE exams (GCSE's = determine where you go to college, looked at in your job applications). I took my French speaking without revising and got an A* with 1 mark off full. My teacher thinks I'm fluent but I personally think I could improve on my grammar.

    If I'm not on Minecraft I love talking to my friends via Snapchat or FaceTime.
    I love Playstation as well. My late younger brother was obsessed with it so I made a vow to take it up and enjoy it just like he had.

    That's it! Thanks again for reading guys. I love getting feedback, so any at all, good or bad will be greatly appreciated. While most people neglect the negative feedback, I enjoy reading it and noting it so as to improve on it, so even posting "hate" will help me in the long run.

    ~ iAstronaut
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    Bump :)


    • I now understand "bumping" your application is not the done thing.
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  3. Hey I wasn't driving!
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  4. Very nice application! You are very kind and you follow the rules and you're generally quite active.
    Perhaps you could add some more detail onto your experiences, explaining what you learnt perhaps, and maybe you could add more details in other places too?
    In terms of 'bumping' your application, it's best that you do NOT do this as it's quite looked down on during the staff application process. It is fine if you put 'Edit' and then explain what you have done.
    Hue hue ;)

    Good luck Raze!
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    Thanks so much Josh! So great to get some feedback!
    Didn't know this was frowned upon, I saw other users do it and guessed it was 'the norm'. Thanks for telling me, having received your feedback I think I will make some edits.
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    • Added to my previous experiences
    • Added to where I am most active
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    Hi Raze,
    Here are a few things I would watch out for.
    1. Bumping is a no-no.
    2. Instead of posting a new comment to your application, just edit your last comment with the edit you made.
    3. Coloring: You have a lot of coloring, a lot. I would recommend using only 2 colors. I understand that people like it when all the different parts of their application is in a different color, but its very hard to read. I suggest removing the orange and the purple, and maybe choosing more neutral colors as your bases. Also: PLEASE get rid of the italics they gave me a headache.
    5. Maybe you could add a little more to this section? I am sure that there is more that is interesting about you. Or maybe not. Up to you.
    6. You talk a lot about being owner of a server and what you learned from that, but what about anything you learned from having a lower staff rank?
    Good Luck.
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  8. Yeah, established that with Josh, thanks.
    Alright, I'll put the edits on the end of this comment.
    I'll simplify the colors and remove italics! Hope your head isn't throbbing! ;)
    I'll see if I can add some more detials.

    Thanks for the help!

    • Colors simplified
    • Italics removed
    • Added question numbers
    • Added detail in questions 7 and 15
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    Removing my previous message for this application due to In game reasoning.

  10. Thanks a lot Doss! Means a tonne, honestly does!
    I tend to be fairly free flowing and notice when I've made a mistake, like I said about Dylz in Question 13.
    I'll work on maturity starting now! Thanks for the tips pal!

    • Changed rank in Question 6
  11. Raze,I think that you would make a great helper,even though you tend to be upset sometimes,i do see an extremely mature side to you,and you indeed do offer help to people and you would be a great addition to the staff community :) All the best to you!
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  12. Thanks so much Rik!!! This means the world to me!!
    This is what I'm currently working on at the moment to ensure the community and the rest of the staff team that I am the man for the job.

    Thanks again pal!!
  13. EDIT:
    • Changed rank again in Question 6 :)
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    Also no 'bump'
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    maybe add more information on your consequences?
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    Alrighty, I'll see what I can add and what I learn too. Thanks!
  17. No problem bro GL <3
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  18. Raze I think you'd make a great staff, you're really helpful, but at times you can lose your temper. Keep up the good work :)
  19. Thanks a lot Life! Great to see you've still got my back ;)
    I'll do my best to keep my temper and stay focused. Thanks for the tips!
  20. good luck raze
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