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[INTERVIEW] Hydrolixx's 2nd staff application

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by Hydro, May 18, 2017.

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    [Short Responses]

    Minecraft Username:
    Date of application: 5/18/17
    Age: 13
    Country: United States; North America
    Timezone: Central Time Zone (CTZ)
    Server Ranks (Prison Mine Rank / Donor Rank):
    I am prison mine rank Z, and Cyclone Donor Rank; With a god paper voucher currently in effect
    Do you meet all the requirements? If so, please provide a link to your punishment page from the ban website & the 2 player reports you have made.
    - I am 13 years of age
    - I have over 1000 hours of server play time
    - I have 268 Forums posts
    - I have an active forums account
    - I have access to TeamSpeak, Skype & Discord
    - I have a currently clean record
    - I have submitted 2 player reports
    - I have detailed responses and answers on this application

    Ban List:

    Player reports:

    Do you have access to Team Speak & a working microphone?*

    Do you have access to Skype?*

    Do you have access to Discord?*

    Do you have access to record high quality videos?*

    Do you speak languages other than English? If so, please specify language & fluency.
    I speak mainly English, with a brief knowledge of Spanish
    Where are you most active in the server?*

    1) Skyblock
    2) Prison
    3) Factions

    Have you made any previous staff applications? If so, specify a date.
    I've made a previous application on 4/7/17 and denied 4/19/17


    [Long responses]

    How do you think you can make a difference for the network?
    A few reasons I think I can make a difference for the network is being very active. I have noticed that some of the current staff members are not active during the times I am on, so for me to become a staff member would allow me to assist those who are in need of help during the time periods other staff are not on. Another way I can help the network is that I am very outgoing, and could talk to other players and or staff members on teamspeak, discord, and skype to solve a problem. A final reason I could make a difference to the network is my experience. I have been staff on a few other servers and know how the job is done.
    How much time can you contribute to the server in a week?
    I can approximately contribute around 40 hours a week during the time I have school, and 50 during the summer. If I do not have sports going on during my break, it can by an upwards of 65 hours.
    Do you have any past experiences in moderating? If so, please explain your experience and what you have learned.
    I do in fact have had past experiences in moderating. I was an admin and builder on two different servers. During my experience as a admin, I noticed it was difficult task to handle the needs of the players on a vast scale. During my experience as a builder, I learned that I needed to repeatedly redesign to get the certain look and theme I was to building. Due to my experience from these two jobs, I have learned it is a very difficult task to do, and I respect all the current staff, builders, and programmers for the server. I believe I have what It takes to become a future staff member on the Cyclone Network, and it would be an honor to receive the role.
    Have you ever been banned, muted or kicked on CycloneNetwork? If so, please explain why & what would have learned from this experience.
    I have been banned on the server for griefing when I was new to the server. I did not know it was illegal and thought it was ok. I learned that it was NOT allowed to grief and scam on the server and should never ever do it again. I have also been kicked for an entite build up during a dp. People were dropping boats so I was throwing them back out of my inventory and then got kicked. I learned that I should have cleared my inventory, instead of throwing them back out.
    How long have you been playing on CycloneNetwork?
    I have been playing Cyclone Network toward the beginning of V3 of Skyblock, and a little bit before on the op Factions server. (when that was around)
    What is a mistake you have done in the past? What would you do differently today and what did you learn from it?
    One mistake I did in the past was disrupt a players experience on the server. I was asked to build a grinder for a player, and while doing that, I stole a few of his spawners. At the time I did not know scamming and griefing was against the rules, so I assumed it was ok; for I was new to the server. I now, would have kept my hands away from the spawners, and should have continued my job of creating the grinder the player had requested. I learned from this incident that griefing and scamming is against the rules on the Cyclone Network, and would enforce the rules for other players, to help enhance players experience on the server.
    Tell us about yourself - What qualities/skills do you feel define you?
    A few qualities/skills that define me are as followed:
    > My actual name is Austin
    > I started playing on Cyclone since the beginning version 3 of skyblock, and previously had been playing on the OpFactions server Cyclone had a while ago
    > I am from The United States Of America
    > I am 13 years of age
    > I play mainly on Skyblock
    > I am a State swimmer from Illinois, with my strokes including the 50 back (22nd place), 100 back (qualified but didn't swim it since I qualified during the relay -->) and 100 back relay (13th place)
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    Your application is lacking some information, but you've fulfilled the requirements and you've stated your points. Now I would suggest that you go over each question again and include some information in the first couple of questions so the Admins have a better understanding of how you are able to handle yourself while staffing. I've also noticed some grammatical errors which you should also revisit. Great start though!
  3. thanks for the input! I went back and re read it and edited what I wrote to fix the grammer issues and also completed my thoughts on a few previous questions
  4. Thank you Potato :3
  5. This was WAY to much for my bird brain to process
    but gl
    (Oh and what sports you play? Im in basketball and Football)
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  6. 1) so "to much for my brain to process" is that a good thing or a bad thing...
    2) I am a swimmer and play water polo
  7. Firstly, it looks good to me! Yet I have a little advice that I give to most people; read over your application constantly whenever you get the chance, there's always space for more detail and improvements to make it look more sophisticated.

    Secondly, I've spoken to you many times before in game and on Discord, and you are a very nice and polite person.

    Finally, I believe you'd be a good addition to the staff team and I wish you the best of luck in being accepted :)

  8. Thank you Henry, I hope i get accepted
  9. Your previous application made it to the interview stage, you seemed to rush the interview and them continuously pursue what the admin's verdict was, it came off as impatient to us and was a major factor in your previous staff application, you will be given an interview again and we will see how you go.

    - Dylz.
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  10. He rushed it lol, I never got an answer :D
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  11. Hydro for staff
    Make Cyclone Great Again.

  12. Ty <3
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  13. its a good thing ._.
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  14. Accepted, Welcome to the team.

    - Dylz
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