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Infusion Pickaxe Perk For Plots

Discussion in 'Archived Suggestions & Feedback' started by Bleach, Mar 11, 2017.

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  1. Hey Again! Clarityy here! :D
    Anyway im here to suggest another thing to make Cyclone Network improve..
    I would like to see the infusion perk which is avaliable to purchase with your hard earned tokens in the prison server be able to be used in Plots.
    What i mean is that If you use the infusion perk in mines (A-Z Drought-God) The infusion perk Clears a 3x3 radius when you mine a single block (Infusion 2 makes a 5x5 radius) Why Is This Not A Thing Already.
    What I mean by usable in plots is that when you mine a stone block in your plot, it mines only one block.
    This means that the infusion perk is not in affect while mining in your plot.

    Why Should This Be Added?
    I believe it should be added because of the following reasons..
    *Plot Mines Could Be Alot Less painful to create
    *Clearing a whole Plot to bedrock would be less painful
    *Storage rooms and Secret Houses can be easier to make
    *All around mining would be way less painful

    What If you Don't Want to ALWAYS mine with the infusion perk?
    A command regarding using infusion for your plot could be implemented
    Use a different pickaxe

    If this is something you would like to see, please try to get it out there! :D
    It would really help to make this a thing!
    Thanks! <3
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  2. Hey Clarityy,
    I don't think this is the best of ideas because say you were building a house and you want to get rid of one stone, all the other blocks around it will be removed too which means you would have to replace them. This would be the same with each block you mine which is next to a build. Also people won't want to use a god pickaxe etc. They want to use their best pickaxe with speed and haste etc.

    However, if a command was implemented to ask whether you wanted to use infusion that may be a bit better but there is still a chance you forget to type the command and you ruin your plot.

    So overall I think that this isn't a very good idea, it may let you mine out your plot quicker but apart from that it would be very annoying.

    Your Friendly Llama,
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  3. Yea, i was trying to think of a way to get around that. I couldn't think of anything else beside just having a command like /p:infusion <on> or <off>
    But other then that there wouldn't be another way lol
  4. There is something called using another pick :p
  5. But people might not want to use another pick as they may not have another trinity pickaxe or 777 etc. So they would have to use a god pick or hail etc. Another thing is, people will probably want to use speed or universal (Which is probably most likely on their infusion pick) for building or doing stuff around their plot but with infusion on it they will destroy lots of blocks which they will just have to replace over and over again.

    Your Friendly Llama,
  6. I feel like there should be a new enchant implemented to be JUST for plots to be able to destory and stuff. Maybe even be able to be applicable to shovels and like a cheap token price like 250. I feel like this would be quite fair for people who just want to build (as creative was removed.)
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  7. Thats actually a pretty good idea!
    They could add it to there inf pick with speed and haste, although you should be able to deactivate the enchant..
    Say you could disable the enchantment at /warp enchanter, and click the enchantment to buy, disable or enable it.
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  8. This is a cool idea but maybe raise the price of 250 tokens because that could be very OP.

    Your Friendly Llama,
  9. Am I the only one who thinks we should talk to an admin?
  10. No, let the admins see this post themselves. Don't approach the admins like "hey can you look at our post it's a really good idea but no admins are looking at it sad face ;("

    The thing about suggestion posts is to make admins decide whether or not it should be a feature or not and a lot of the time it has a ton of waiting and patience. :) don't tag admins either.
  11. Nice idea, would like to see it happen!
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  12. I don't mind using another pick. But I still think its a bad idea because one time or another, we've all used the wrong pick *cough cough* mining spawners
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  13. Prison*
  14. You were able to get spawners from /warp free, but now that is removed.
  15. Rip, i really wish they bring /warp free back..
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