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ImaJFan's Staff Aplication #2

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by Newbie, Feb 25, 2017.

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    IGN : ImaJFan
    Date Of Application: 2/15/2017
    Age : 11
    Country :
    United States
    Time Zone : EST
    IN GAME RANK : My in game rank is "god" and my prison rank is Z.

    Past Experiences : My past experiences of being a staff member has never became true, but i have tried to sign up as staff on cyclone before. I picked to sign up because cyclone is not only the best but its the funnest and you have everlasting things to do on your play time. If cyclone admins would have accepted I would have clean the server a bit more from all the hackers and advertisers there are.
    I know how hacks look especially kill - aura, reach, auto click and stuff like that. I have been face to face against hackers on other servers but never on cyclone because cyclone is a clean and has good staff members to catch all those people that are not following the directions.
    I said in the begin that my staff job has never became true because all my applications have been denied for lack of information and also not using the correct format.

    No I dont have Skype or Team Speak because I have no webcam and I also have no microphone.

    Yes i have been kicked , muted , ext. I admit what i did wrong all those times like abusing helpop, player disrespect and other stuff but nothing big at all. The only thing i disagree is when I got warned for posting a link of Brody's stream staff might have thought it was another link but didn't think that it was Brody's stream he was playing cyclone. I thought staff needed to open the link and see what it is not straight up give me a false warn without me doing anything at all i might have even helped his stream, It maybe would be my fault, I thought I can post anything that's in common with Cyclone Network.

    How Long Have I Been playing? I dont know the exact date but i know 100% more then 3 months but i do know ive been playing since V5. Before i played cyclone I took a long break of minecraft in general because I got more in gta and call of duty, why? I picked to do this because I got bored from all the server's I used to play so i just took a big long break from minecraft.

    No i dont have the ability but I can gladly get one I would need some time to find a good one and find out how to make it work It will be better if one of the staff members tell me a good site to record!

    Im most active on skyblock, why that? I like skyblock beacuse you get to fight to get /is top 1 or in /is top also i like it because you can also compete to get the best ig grinder or stuff like that. Also because people are more active on skyblock then prison or factions.

    One time i made a big mistake when I didnt study enough and got bad grades. I felt bad and kinda stressed. I learned that you need to use time wisely not always playing but taking breaks to study more to feel way better and be happy once again.

    Yes my I have made 2 other
    application it was , Jan 14, 2017 and , Jan 13, 2017 both got denied for lack of detail and i didn't take time on that it was a bad time when they got denied, I totally know what I did wrong and this is why im doing another application.

    Also some other stuff about me is that my fav color is red isn't that cool?. I Love working with Cyclone Community and also I love working and doing /ban xD! I live in a big house with 2 dogs named Mico and Mimi they are so cute :) . My favorite day of the week is Friday cause i can play late then any other day I will be able to manage being staff and catching hackers if needed or scams staff are all good people and i hope to be like them if this application gets accepted!

    What I can do to the server? I can help out the server by banning hackers and stop scams from happing cause its not a good time when you get caught so dont try to do it or you get sadly banned. I wont give any bad people to take down cyclone or do anything to ruin it! Overall i want to keep the server clean and make Cyclone Network even better then it already is.

  2. ImaJFan, I am going to provide you with some constructive criticism, so I hope that you take into account what I say.

    One of the first things I notice right away is the improper use of grammar throughout the entire application. The application should follow the format as listed HERE with your application following the format of Question: Answer. Furthermore, you state that your Country is Florida; however, I believe Florida is a state and your Country is the United States (or maybe I have just thought of my country the wrong way for 18 years). You state that you have received many punishments in the past, could you please explain as many of them as you can, especially the serious punishments. I also see that you made two recent applications, one January 13, and the other January 14th, with both being denied for lack of detail. I suggest that instead of making multiple applications, you should take into account why they were denied and apply it to this application. Add some personality to your application as well, such as appropriate colors (this isn't a deciding factor in acceptance of course it just makes reading your application more engaging).

    As a staff member, you must be professional, possess proper communication skills, and be friendly with the community. Please add more detail to this application, follow the proper format, fix grammar mistakes, and anything else I stated in this. If you are also applying for a position on the staff team, I suggest not being quite as toxic as you have been recently on the server, as the staff team sees this and your chances of being accepted go down extremely.

    You also say that if you were faced with a hacker, you would straight up kill them. Wow, a little extreme don't ya think? We aren't looking for a hitman, just someone who can do the job in the most peaceful and professional manner.

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  3. Please follow the format provided. Note, that many applications have been denied because of this format not being used properly.

    As the application goes, I would like to see the grammatical errors fixed, also I wouldn't toss smiley faces or an "xD" in the middle of a sentence, because applications are a formal request to an authority for something. In this standpoint, a staff application. You also need to elaborate more on the questions, and also provide the questions listed, once again in the the application format.

    Example: "Yes my ive made 2 other application it was , Jan 14, 2017 and , Jan 13, 2017 both got denied for lack of detail and i didnt take time on that xD it was a bad time when they got denied.

    Overall, I would totally redo this application, due to the lack of detail, and a lot of grammatical errors. This application does not follow the application format, and unfortunately will probably get rejected because of these manners.

    Application format:
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  4. 12:00 am to 11:30 pm is 23 hours and 30 minutes. I highly doubt that you will be putting in 90 and a half hours to playing minecraft every single weekend, leaving you with less than 2 hours to sleep, and no time to do anything else. If I'm wrong, I would love to see it proven.
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  5. dude if you play 60 hours in 3 days I will legit give you a medal and some sleep pills to ur mom and maybe she can get you to go to bed earlier lol
  6. use conjugating colors instead of using just one color .Add more detail to and please use formal language when approaching and applying on such matters.fix the grammatical errors .Good luck
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  7. Hello ImaJFan.

    I have taken the time to read your application, and I would like to give you some advice for getting accepted.

    First, you don't sound the slightest bit mature with your language and grammar in this application, also 'i' needs to be changed to 'I'. Also, I see many spelling errors in your application, so please take the time to fix them.

    Also as staff, you need to know the rules. The rule is, "No links in chat", unless a Cyclone link. A link to Brody's stream is not a Cyclone link it is a YouTube link, so the staff were just doing their job.

    For the colors, try to make the questions one color, and the answers another. Maybe make just the answers bold a well. Also, remove the italics altogether because that will make it way easier to read. The application is all about the content, but the color could affect the mood of an Admin reading the application and maybe change a yes into a no. Also, friendlier colors make people more likely to read your application and give feedback.

    You got two applications denied for detail, and you seem to have done a decent job with it. However, do not say you "love doing /ban" because that makes you seem like you will abuse your powers and we don't want staff that abuse.

    I hope that you take this advise into consideration.
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  8. A lot of detail in some of the answers, would be good to see more detail in the other answers. There are some grammar errors in this application. The application would be easier to read if there were 2 colours.
    IGN : ImaJFan
    Date Of Application: 2/15/2017
    Age : 11
    Country : Untied States
    Time Zone : EST
    IN GAME RANK : My in game rank is "god" and my prison rank is Z.

    In you're next application I hope to see you have done well with colour format and you're grammar.

    Best of luck!

  9. Thanks! I have fixed my app and now its waiting time for me!
  10. Since when do you live in the Untied States?
  11. Pretty much the summary of 2017 so far here in America.
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  12. As much as I like you as a friend I've got to say this application looks like it was written by a 11year old due to the fact most of it didn't make sense, you can do better!
  13. Locking thread due to Application not being in the correct format, you can reapply with the following format found Here.
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