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I'M BACK! & Upcoming Factions Reset!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Hello all,

    You're wondering, Hayden, where's all the updates? Well, I have taken a little break for the last week. I am back now though. Starting tomorrow I'll be actively working on the servers again and pushing updates.

    I have to admit I didn't want a reset yet, not for another month at least (Factions servers should be reset seasonally, not bi-monthly) but due to untrue rumors spiraling out of control I have been forced to reset a month early. This isn't a bad thing though, the kits, crates and such had a impact on the economy and playing experience, time to fix it!

    I have made this post to ask the factions players what they would like to see. I have a long list of things to change already from the staff but I would like to hear additionally from community.

    Any one who has purchased keys on the factions server in the last 2 weeks will be refunded on the date of the reset. Please message myself or an admin. I plan on resetting the server on the
    Friday of the coming week! Keep the eyes peeled, I will be posting information here and on the MOTD on the multiplayer screen.

    Thank you all for sticking around while I had a break and thank you for all your continued support,

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  2. Hey that's great.

    But now everyones left, who's going to read the updates :/
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  3. People are still active on the forums waiting for the reset. If that doesn't convince you people will come back I've purchased another 2 weeks on an advertising page. Have a little faith.
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  4. #4 nicolas, Sep 11, 2016
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    -6 months- 1 year Server reset (do not advertise reset til 1 week before)

    -Dragon drop active with 20 players and not 30, because of timezones and some of us can play when the rest are sleeping.

    -Potion ingredients for mcmmo alchemy since leveling alchemy its the hardest skill, and for the people who reach high levels its hard to get poisoned potatoes for example

    -Balanced pvp:
    1-Removing strength 2
    2- Hard to get gapples.
    3-Armor damage reduced, because pvps will last more. (like that armor wont be wreckt too soon)
    4-More voting sites !!
    5-Unlimited end and nether worlds to free build but monthly reseted.
    a) actually the nether can be as it used to be because of the blazes.
    b) the end would be nice to be like free build and players to be able to spawn dragons to get dragon breath for the tipped arrows and all the new stuff 1.9 has ! :D .

    -1.9 version ! but with 1.8 combat system, like that we could have TIPPED ARROWS !!! :O and pvp would be funnier !
    - Mcmmo credits for sale on the store :p (and to be able to keep em throught seasons :p)

    Dont forgte that donators paid a lot of money so dont nerf them that much.
    -Dragon drop ! awesome
    -PvP area, Having just one place for pvp its the best choice, since everyone will gather there and fights will be massive.
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  5. Hayden, what website do u use to advertise?
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    Changes I'd like to see implemented:
    • Increase the prices of potion ingredients in the shop, but make it so every ingredient whether it is tied to mcMMO or not is available. (Rabbit's Foot, Lily-pad, e.t.c.) Making potions like Strength II harder to obtain but still within most people's reach will most likely make things a lot more balanced.
    • Make Obsidian a lot more expensive, but in return make minerals worth more aswell. Make things such as mining a lot more rewarding because right now, the only way you can gain a steady economy income is from either grinding with spawners, or purchasing keys and getting a lot of money from crates.
    • Add an anti cheat plugin such as NoCheatPlus.
    • Make supply drops more accessible for non-rank players, or reverse how /fly works (disable it in the warzone, but allow its use in the wilderness with maybe a slowness debuff when in use to prevent somebody from just soaring through the entire world at the speed of sound).
    • Reduce the amount of enchanted notch apples that can be obtainable from /kits or crates, and do not make them purchasable from Buycraft either. Allow them to continue being craftable, but make it so the cost of gold and apples is highly increased.
    • Allow a /warp end to be enabled with a daily dragon respawn or have it automatically respawn during supply drops. This would be an interesting mechanic that would cause players to make a choice: either go to the supply drop and obtain gear from chests, or go to the end and kill the Ender Dragon. I for one would love to see how lingering potions and tipped arrows could change PvP.
    • Make mob heads easier to obtain. I know their method of how to obtain them changed but there are plugins that allow players to have a small percentage chance to get heads from mobs. I'm pretty sure an update made it so you can only obtain heads now through making a mob die by the explosion of a charged creeper. It's almost impossible to obtain mob heads now, so having a plugin that would give you a small percentage chance would be nice.
    • Enable the Wither. I know it's disabled for a reason but I think that having it enabled would be interesting.
    • Make sure the new map has a varied amount of biomes and generated structures. The current map is static, repetitive, dull and very outdated. Make sure to change that.
    • Do something with /smite. I don't know if it's been removed or been put on a huge cooldown but I think it's ridiculous that Cyclone ranks get it. I understand that they need things to keep their rank interesting but if you either remove or heavily nerf /smite then you can give them something else as compensation which would make it a lot more fair for us regular players, and also it wouldn't have a significant detrimental impact on the Cyclone rank players.
    • Add villager spawn eggs like how the /shop has in the Survival spawner.
    • Have some system which shows how much playtime somebody has had on the server. I think that would be cool.
    • Make McMMO credits purchaseable with in-game money only. Maybe 1 credit for $10,000?
    • Make most items that you can purchase in /shop sell-able. Things like wool, gravel, sand and bricks amongst other things should be able to be sold in the shop. It might defeat the purpose of /sell all, but you could make the prices of sold items sold by the /sell all command slightly higher for items that can be sold in the /shop.
    • Host competitions. I don't know how this would be done, but I'm sure hosting events such as PvP competitions where you could win prizes and there could be a tournament bracket would be interesting, and it could be livestreamed or something.
    Thank you so much Hayden for all of the hard work and effort you put into operating the server, and the players of CycloneNetwork truly appreciate the dedication the staff team has.

    I'll add to this list as I think of more features that could be possibly implemented.
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  7. YOYO Hayden my Cat lover god.
    I like the Idea of a reset. Just saying, last time there was a reset. It took a little over a month for the server to be back.
    So what I suggest is that you make all the builds and coding beforehand so that you could just upload them to update the server

    Love you <3, NO HOMO.
  8. There is a bit of semen on your lips broh
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  9. G
    Good suggestions, added some to the list.
  10. should do a eotw koth
  11. too late, rip
  12. Are you dumb? This is a cannon server not a wither server, if they add withers it will literally take 2 minutes to raid any base. Literally the wither with go through the walls like nothing. And you cant make a wither base because first of all cannons work (obby destroyer), as there is no end. Unless they disable withers in the overworld (normal world), and enable them in end so people can make end wither bases with a gap, ocean and wither walls. but if they do this, they MUST NOT have a floor to the end, just a spawn in area then to get the the boarders and corners, they must use /fly whilst they build over the end. This isn't a wither server mate.
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  13. In factions there are 3 different types of servers you can have:

    • Wither server (Withers enabled, obsidian cannot be broken by TNT)
    • Cannon server (Withers disabled, TNT can break obsidian)
    • Semi-Wither server (Overworld & Nether have withers disabled and TNT breaking obsidian is enabled. End world has a void, withers are enabled, TNT doesn't break obsidian.)
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  14. Hayden, just to clarify, this is just for the factions servers? Id be sad to see the sky block and prison servers reset this early in.
  15. This is Just for Factions
  16. Thank you Jack for clarifying that for me.
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  17. Only factions reset or entire server reset?
  18. I mean, or either you are really stupid, or this is a joke that I didnt get.
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  19. I don't think pvp changes need to be made. Pvp is fine the way it is.
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  20. Please unlock the end and do it at the same time that the public gets access as the staff. ever since v2, the end has always either been closed/locked, unable to be built on, or some enforcer/admin rushed it before the public had access to even get a chance to get it.

    if there's ANYTHING that would make me want to play factions more than i do, it would be for the end to be a part of factions again.
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