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I was banned with no explanation, please help!!!

Discussion in 'Archived Ban Appeals' started by messiformayor10, Jan 28, 2017.

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  1. #1 messiformayor10, Jan 28, 2017
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    Your IGN:Santhewizard

    Reason for Ban: The reason displayed on my screen just said hacking

    Time & Date of Ban:27/01/2017 11:30PM UTC

    Name of Staff member who banned you: Huggiee

    Why you should be unbanned: I did nothing wrong, infact i was fighting someone who could have been hacking at the time

    Supporting Evidence [Optional]:
  2. Hey there, personally I do not believe an experienced admin would ban someone for no plausible cause and chances are he recorded proof. But what do I know!
  3. my friend recorded it, i wasnt hacking.
  4. once he uploads footage i will link it here
    i was invisible raiding and the guy had tracers or something on because he could easily see m
  5. tbh, it doesnt mean he was hacking,
    he could have hit boxes on, in the minecraft vanilla game file, f3+ something, it enabels hitboxes, i tested it with a friend a while back, and, unless they changed it, u can see invis ppl
  6. 1.Your current IGN isn't messiformayor10 which doesn't help staff figure out this problem at all.

    2. Your IGN is Santhewizard edit your post to that.

    3. Every Staff is required to record hackers some will most likely post the proof when he has time.
  7. think he was hacking
  8. Please just upload proof you or he was not hacking and we can get you back on the server!
  9. yes i am getting the footage my friend recorded now

  10. here is the video proof
  11. vid too laggy, and doesn't really show you in combat
  12. He thinks he was banned accidently by Huggie which he possibly got confused with them both close together Idk the whole story and if this is resorted yet.
  13. no im the one raiding invisible, we insided them, he could hit me w i was invisible so we thought he was hacking and were confused when i got banned
  14. ^
  15. Even if you are invisible, if you are wearing armor, or if not, anyone can still see the invisibility potion particle effects. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe they can.
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  16. They could also see the name plate above their player.
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  17. You have been unbanned due to Insufficient evidence,
    Welcome back to the Server c:

    -Doss c:
  18. Thank you doss that's all I needed :)
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