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Hub Build

Discussion in 'Prison' started by InfinityFactions, Feb 24, 2017.

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  1. Hey Hayden darling,
    Please respond back to me about building the next hub, thanks <3

    @Dylz @Huggie @Hayden
  2. Assuming you're an official builder for Cyclone, or have previously built maps for us, I would recommend doing this in Private Message before:

    A) A potential secret is let loose
    B) Your post is taken down for not being an application in the correct format

  3. Furthermore in response to iAstro, this is no way to get a hold of the big names of the staff team. This is a topic better discussed in a private conversation, as I don't feel Hayden or any admin would release information like this to the general public as it is not publicly known, thank you.
  4. Eh well they aren't answering me and I got impatient after 5 minutes so I just did this while I was bored and waiting lol @16lucapfei
  5. whats wrong with our hub? :(
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  6. No Nothing dylz, I'm just doing V7 @Dylz
  7. Just create a group conversation on forums I'm sure one staff will reply/inform Hayden
  8. Posting on month-old threads. Classic.
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  9. Well, i didn't see anyone say that + you posted too.
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  10. That's where you're wrong buddy boy.

    '+' I posted on the same day not a month later but y'know, who's counting.
  11. It takes longer than 5 minutes for a staff member to reply, they have a life too.
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