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How to make regen walls on factions

Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by Smite, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. Hello! This is Smite or SmiteMyKite with a tutorial on how to make regen walls on factions. If you are looking for the extra bit of defense on your factions base or you're bored and looking for something to do, you should read further. If you don't have a base, I suggest you build one because there is no point to building walls with no base (unless you're SUPER bored). So, let's get into it!

    What you'll need:
    • A stack of cobblestone (approximately)
    • A bunch of water buckets
    • A TON of lava buckets
    Step 1:
    Build up as high as you want with cobblestone. Build as wide and long as you want so you have a frame. Next, destroy two blocks with one in between all around you're frame.

    Step 2:
    Drop lava down from the bottom of each block and wait for it to reach the bottom. After you have placed lava on the bottom of the blocks, place water on the top of all the blocks and wait for the water to fall all the way down. Then, remove all the water on the top by placing a block on the source and then destroy that block. Do the same thing with the lava so you have a bunch of hollow pillars.

    Step 3:
    Place lava source blocks on every single block in the pillar. Do not just place one source block of lava and let it fall to the bottom, every block needs to be a source for it to regen. After you have placed a lava source block on every space inside the pillars, cover the pillars up one block above the lava and then place water on those blocks.

    Thank you all for reading this tutorial and I hope your factions defenses just got better. :)
    The video that this tutorial was based off of:
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  2. Why not make triple regens lol
  3. Very informative, thanks for helping people that don't know how to do that!
  4. This post is great for any new players joining the server, well done @Smite
  5. Thx Smite, it will be really helpfull :D Oops, i allready finished my base :/ Thx anyway <3
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  6. You'll thank me for this tutorial later after after I raid you.
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  7. No he is mine
  8. Your both mine.
  9. sure bro, are you even in a faction?
  10. you're*
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  11. Yes, my faction is called Pandemic.
  12. you're overclaimable mate
  13. Ok, well I haven't been very active on factions lately so a bunch of my members probably left and so now i have more claimed land then power. But don't worry, I plan to be very active now and don't forget to be patrolling your defenses. I can get into any base.
  14. Hahha dont worry bro we have plans that the owner doesnt know he added but exists