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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by x3Henryy, Mar 19, 2017.

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    The last time I posted a thread in this section of the forums I was resigning. Despite the fact I only returned from my break a short while ago, I have been around Cyclone for quite a long time so for the new version I decided to take the time to properly introduce myself.

    ッ- My name is Henry, I am 15 years old and I come from and live in England.

    ッ- I can speak English, and say hello, goodbye, and count to ten in like 3 different languages.

    ッ- My favourite colour is blue and my favourite food is pizza and mashed potatoes. (Psst, bring me some.)

    ッ- I have been playing on Cyclone Network, technically, since V2. I was quite inactive at this point however, and I don't even remember ever coming online in the third version. I came back at the start of V4 and again recently.

    ッ- My first proper friends on the server were
    @Joshua and @Creamy , which they are obviously privileged to be ;).

    ッ- I was once staff! Only for just over a month but, I still manged to get to know how to server works and met some amazing people. I also used to be very immature and toxic, but realised it wasn't worth it and buckled down. Honestly, if you are a toxic person, its so much better to act your age and be mature, because you are so much more respected.

    ッ- I really enjoy meeting up with friends, studying sciences and playing badminton.

    ッ- I'm always up for trying news things, and never want to stop anything I've started until its finished.

    ッ- I'm going to be honest, I have my fair share of people I don't get along with because of past experiences with them, but I like the majority of people who I'm close with and can have a conversation with easily.

    ッ- I am usually bored and up for a conversation, so PM message me on the server saying 'hi' if you want to!
    Hopefully you have got to know me a little bit better and I hope to see you all around the servers soon!


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  2. I know.
  3. I have mash, if that helps? Nice to see you like duh blue stuff jus liek uncl slooth.

    Au revouir

  4. bring me the mash
  5. Send me the stamp
  6. Ew nerd
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  7. Shall we start calling you Jeanna again
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  8. It's pronounced Nurd not Nerd + I'm sure he no nurd, but are you a nurd?
  9. I love you too
    Jeana* but sure why not
  10. Okay Jeana whatever you say <3
  11. <3
  12. I wuv pizza when u having teh party?
  13. rn, you're missing out
  14. Hai jeana
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  15. Always my pinecone :)
  16. Hi Sub
    Always and forever?
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