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Halloween Skin Comp!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by PeterThePenguin, Oct 22, 2016.

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  1. Hey guys,

    It's almost that time of the month where everyone dresses up in their spookiest outfits ranging from a super scary skeleton to a sexy nurse. So we thought, why not host a skin comp for the spookiest skin on Cyclone? This event will be taking place on the events server on the 29th of October (30th for you Aussies out there) 10am AEST, 12am GMT and 8pm EST. The winner will be voted by the staff team along with spectators.

    If anyone shows up with an inappropriate skin, they will instantly be disqualified and also depending on how inappropriate the skin is may result in a ban.


    First place -
    • [​IMG]
    • $1,000,000 on Skyblock
    Second Place -
    • $500,000 on Skyblock
    Third Place -
    • $250,000 on Skyblock

    If there are any questions, feel free to pm me.
    Hope you guys have fun and we'll see you there. Good luck, May the spookiest skin win 'hint hint'.
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  2. Sounds good.
  3. Ooo! Exciting :) Too bad I'm terrible at creating skins XD
    Good luck everyone!
    Boo :3
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  4. Easy, I don't even need to change my skin :D
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  5. I want to be a sexy nurse
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  6. Iv Been Mentioned By Triangle! =O
  7. So far I haven't been able to attend a event and I sadly won't be attending this one... Feel really bad but if there's an event 6-7th November count me in for it
  8. Im banned but within my time being banned, i've been making a halloween costume


  9. Lmao
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  10. Hmm a skin comp wth winners chosen by most likely Dylz and Peter himself. I have an idea of what to be seeing I know what skins have won in previous random ones they have held. Might have to contact an old friend who is amazing at skin making. :D Good luck to everyone!
  11. So who won?
  12. 1st Place: ImaWeirdo
    2nd Place: Zeusieeee
    3rd Place: neoswap
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