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Halloween FFA Effect Tournament!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dylz, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]
    | Halloween FFA Event!
    If you wish to compete commenting on this post would be highly appreciated! :c

    | What is this event?
    This event of course if for Halloween, we will be holding a Free For All PvP tournament, but that's not all we've got planned. Anyone that is competing in the event will be hit with random potion buffs and debuffs, everyone will be affected and hopefully, it will be a huge pvp mess! Effects will range from speed and jump boosts to blindness, slowness, and invisibility. All players will be supplied armour that will be the same, of course, anyone who uses any disallowed clients or mods will be removed from the event and banned. Some players may be hit with some extra effects :c...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    | When is this event?
    Due to some confusion over the last few events, I have now attached a screenshot of the time the event will be held for Melbourne, New York, London and Paris.
    Hopefully, through that, you will be able to see your time or convert the time to your timezone :)

    | Prizes!
    First Place
    $30 Buycraft Voucher + Ingame Halloween Items!
    Second Place
    $20 Buycraft Voucher + Ingame Halloween Items!
    Third Place
    $10 Buycraft Voucher + Ingame Halloween Items!


    | Rules
    Ofcourse for a FFA event like this, there are very strict rules.
    - Once you have chosen to compete in the event, you may not leave until you have been cleared by Staff.
    - Anyone who is teaming or is purposely not attacking their "friends" will be removed from all events in future and will not be eligible for ANY rewards in this event, whether or not they place.
    - Staff have the discretion to choose if they don't believe a player should be allowed to compete in an event, this could range from their behaviour on the day or any very toxic negative behaviour.
    - Have a good time :c


    ps. if you have any good trolly potion effects let us know in the comments xx

    - Cyclone Staff Team
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  2. Invisibility + Blindness

    Strength + Slowness

    Jump Boost + Slowness

    Wither + Poison + Regen
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  3. Prob won't be doing this one but good luck to everyone that will be participating!
  4. Aw I cant make it
  5. hahahah good idea i think that levitation would be funny ;) and mabe being struck by lightning and burnt and stuff like that :D sounds fun -- definately in!
  6. i cant pvp for my life but why not eh
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  7. Might be if I have no football match ;-;
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  8. The server is in 1.8 but 1.9+ clients are supported so levitation effects wouldn't be possible to do.
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  9. Working on a project here at school right now and I go on the forums to see this. Super excited!
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  10. i have to wake up AT GOD DAMN 8 Y U MAK MEH WAK UP URLY??????????
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  11. Rip I’m busy I cri
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  12. There are ways...
  13. IGN: karri104
    Nightvision + blindness = complete darkness
  14. Unban me so I can play kthx.
  15. Congratulations to the winners.

    1st - Salve
    2nd - Blastt
    3rd - Loaf

    :c hope you all had fun

    - Dylz