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GabeCity10 - Player Organised PVP Trade (POPT)

Discussion in 'Archived Suggestions & Feedback' started by Gabe, Apr 16, 2017.

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  1. IGN: GabeCity10
    Which area of the network is your suggestion for: Everywhere but Factions
    Describe your suggestion: So, many scams happen on CN (e.g 'I have an IG spawner, accepting offers) but they don't do it. So my idea is that the player claiming they the items would be killed - but it wouldn't show up on either sides kill/death total - and if they don't deliver the items they were killed for, either /helpop would be used or a new plugin allowing Mod+ to check a roll back feature to say what they traded/fought for and then check the reporter's inventory and e chests
    Any photos/videos to show the suggestion: -
    How would this suggestion benefit the network: It could limit scamming down and if anyone did scam they'd banned.
    Anything else: I know this idea may sound weird but if it was implemented it could drive of potential scammers
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  2. I like the idea!!

    I have myself been scammed, but I know that if this idea was included, scams will be cut down greatly.
  3. I think this idea is really good, but : I don't think this would be really possible, maybe add a command like /scam [player] and it save all the chat and trade you and the player do for like 15min. After that you can /scam see or anything like that to see and to send to an admin/mod. Anyway, really cool idea.
    -Pandaaa <3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.