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Future server version

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Mar 28, 2018.


What version of Minecraft do you want CycloneSkyblock to run on?

  1. 1.8.?

  2. 1.12/1.13

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  1. WHat would be the use of the elytra ? i mean it will probably get disabled in pvp zones
    u can fly around your island but most people have fly.
    How would you get elytra. Kit item or from crates?
  2. I think a GKit or Leg Crate yea, sounds fair to me at least
  3. What about totems how could you get them
  4. Probably also through crates
  5. oh hopfuly they are not stupidly rare as people will bring 1-2 to pvp and players sell/buy them for about 2 Mill-6 Mill
  6. They could always set a limit to how many people can carry at once through commands.
  7. And what would the elytra be usefull for?
  8. Well what are elytra useful for in your survival 1.12.2 worlds?
  9. I don't play 1.12.2 i have something better to do.
    we want to have new people come over and enjoy the cyclone network.
    if we have the old player base we will have 7 people online.
    thats why it should be 1.7-1.8 to get new people on the server
  10. 1.8 is 2old4me
  11. If before it was 1.8 when we had a 7 player base, why would it attract new players? Surely 1.12.2 would attract new players as there is different blocks and mechanics.
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  12. I can't imagine people joining the server for new blocks
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  13. really i can
  14. oh yeah and god apples are aids in 1.12+
    totems see useful for pvp
  15. Actually 1.12/13 because i does not lag now :p
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  16. How much you lag is rarely affected by what version of Minecraft you run, unless you're running a super old, bugged out version.
  17. It is not always about you....
  18. Or a super old bugged out laptop like i was on, I was averaging around 45 fps on 1.12/1.13 but on 1.8 i was running at about 60 fps. Now im on a big boi pc lag isnt a problem!
  19. no kappa, its always about you <3
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