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Future server version

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Mar 28, 2018.


What version of Minecraft do you want CycloneSkyblock to run on?

  1. 1.8.?

  2. 1.12/1.13

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  1. Hello all, this isn't quite news but we're wondering what version the skyblock server should run on,
    the choice is either 1.12/1.13 or 1.8.

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments :)

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  2. Personally I would prefer 1.8 as it is the version I have played the most and is the most recognisable version too
  3. I don’t mind either but I’d prefer 1.8 because it’s just less of a hassle to use
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  4. I'd rather have 1.12/1.13 as it gives more building blocks to use :)
    And it can just us 1.8 PvP mechanics
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  5. I would say 1.13 because it gets updated and more blocks. But no 1.8 pvp because the plugins make it horrible. 1.8 is good, but I’d rather be able to focus on the building then pvp and pve also that makes some custom enchants being removed but that’s fine. The only problem I see with having 1.13 is having to switch Minecraft versions every time you want to play a different server
  6. I chose 1.13 because I think it would be a cool idea to try a new version, if it doesn't work out, we can always change back in next v. And I'm excited to play 1.13 in general, I haven't passed over from 1.8 in ages.
    -Loves Bam
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  7. 1.8 and please make two sky blocks one that allows printer and one that does not
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  8. I want to say 1.8 because that's what I normally choose all the time, but I don't think it would be the best option for the server because, let's face it, 1.8 is old and there's really nothing new and exciting to offer potential new players. On the plus side though, it is definitely the most stable version with the most plug-in options.

    1.13 looks to be an update that is going reinvigorate MC and to be one of the first servers to offer the most anticipated update would bring new players in droves. But I don't think it's the best option either. I just see too many unknown variables that would just spell disaster for the server. I know devs are already working on updating plugins to work with 1.13, but until we are closer to the final release who know how many will actually work at release let alone multiple plugins working together without major bugs. But it would be so cool.

    1.12 I actually don't have much experience with but, given the choices, I think it would offer a better balance of new and exciting blocks and build possibilities along with plug in options with less bugs

    Whatever the version, I'm looking forward to what's in store. Hopefully when you announce the release date I'll have enough time to request a couple days off work so I can binge play to my heart's content.
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  9. 1.13 is just new blocks
    i prefer 1.8 because i cba to download new mods and figure out my new modpack for a newer version
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  10. u dont even pvp lol you just run away
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  11. 1.12/1.13 Please! I've been waiting for servers to upgrade to the latest releases and they haven't because of the bad combat but we can get plugins for that, I'm really excited to use the new blocks and mechanics if so!
  12. If you were to update to 1.12 - 1.13 for the features then there would not be compatibility for other versions. I have no preference because I don’t need anything from those versions.
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  13. 1.8 because it's so much nicer and cleaner (+ I don't lag on 1.8)
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  14. Do de 1.12/1.13 or else I will play cyclone :)
  15. Not entirely sure which one would be beneficial to the server state. Butr anything that brings a bigger player base than just myself online... I came online today since leaving, and I was literally the only player on the network.... So my answer, is *Anything that brings in more players*
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  16. Look i would love 1.13

    Think, swimming animations.... but, in the AIR!

    Don't forget about the fish too. Forget the pirate island island start, get the pirate island start + ocean..... fish included for only 399 in-game credits.
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  17. imo I see both so many pro's and con's with both options >.<) But in the end, I think the version who will pull more players into the server is a go. Then later in the second hand trying to get the server stable as possible :)
  18. I'd personally like 1.8 more, since this is like the standard people use for minecraft. It runs very smooth and even the worst computers can run 1.8 on 25 to 30 fps. But on the other hand, 1.13 looks the best, so you have to decide between performance or quality. But my vote goes towards performance (1.8).
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  19. Thank you everyone for your votes. We'll let you know our decision soon! :)
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  20. I chose 1.8 because of how the PvP animations were a lot clearer than 1.13 are right now. But things like elytra would be fun to play around on this server (Elytra was updated a long time ago shush old people) and give a little something to do. Don't make no life jokes please...
    Having 1.13 would exclude the 30% of people who want to have 1.8 just like the stupid presidential campaign and just cause very non-adaptive lose--- people to quit.