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Falsely Banned - Blastt

Discussion in 'Archived Ban Appeals' started by Blastt, Mar 8, 2017.

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  1. Your IGN: Blastt
    Reason for Ban: Kill aura
    Time & Date of Ban: 2017-03-07
    Name of Staff member who banned you: Console (Fire accepted the report)
    Why you should be unbanned: I wasn't actually hacking lol
    Supporting Evidence [Optional]:

    Supposed Evidence:

    As you can see within the video, if I was actually hacking and using this "Kill aura" my head would twist, and in some parts I didn't even click when though he was 2 blocks away. By my "Head twisting" I mean it wouldn't just casually follow you, it would lock up with your hitbox, mainly the head part, but that is not true with all "Kill auras". Anyways, multiple staff have watched me do this before, and knew I was not hacking for multiple different reasons. Example one: If I acted like how I did in the video, it would be the same when I pvp, which it is not. If you need further explanation, write a comment, I catch hackers not become one.

    (Also I finally got banned for pvp hacks, now I'm cool like the rest of my friends)
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  2. Side note - If it was killaura my head would be a lot quicker, and twitchy than it was, seeing as I didn't keep up at 13 - 15 along with other parts in the video
  3. Why exactly would you fake using hacks in the first place? Why wouldn't you respond to the messages and just say "just a prank" breaking rules on Cyclone is no laughing matter.

    "Hey look at me I'm going to use leave my kill aura hacks on while I afk. I'm definitely not at the keyboard so record me all you want [Insert winky face.]"


    But yeah I do agree it's not hacking ;p
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  4. [QUOTE="Blastt,
    (Also I finally got banned for pvp hacks, now I'm cool like the rest of my friends)[/QUOTE]

    Now you can feel apart of the group with ben Cot and myself getting accuse every 2nd day in V2,

    But yeah this wasn't hacks your head doesn't Snap from 1 spot to another when 'locking' and you can watch his head move from each spot like how a mouse does, also when locking your head flicks a bit too far and you try to re adjust it by slightly moving it back, quite a lot of players fake it on skyblock ill see a group of 3-4 players faking it but knowing none of them are accurate enough to be classed as hacks, dont do it again or i'll feel like Admins wont be as nice and deny your appeals >.<

    -Dossy c:
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  5. I spoke a little bit after the so called proof was shot - and I continued to follow him afterwords, he hackusated me so I thought why not have fun with it ;P

    Don't plan on doing it again - Thanks ;3
  6. You have been unbanned, I apologize for the inconvenience.
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