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Factions or OP Factions?

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dylz, May 20, 2017.


Would you prefer an OP Factions and Factions Reset?

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  1. #1 Dylz, May 20, 2017
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    | Factions Poll!

    Hey, all!

    So today we have quite an interesting thread about Cyclone Factions! We want to make the factions server a powerhouse of Cyclone and be as populated and enjoyable as our Skyblock server, when updating this server we want the community to play a big role and take part in what we create, this is why our first query with you all is what factions would you prefer, OP Factions or Regular Factions.

    | OP Factions
    OP Kits
    OP Crates
    OP Supply Drops
    Custom Enchants
    Silk Spawner

    OP Factions is a fast paced and quick version factions, it involves huge PVP fights that can last forever or a couple of seconds, it requires dedication and the ability to adapt and reform to the ever changing environment that OP Factions involves, raiding is also a very large part of OP Factions, this type of factions does require more frequent resets.

    | Regular Factions
    Supply Drops
    Custom Enchants
    Silk Spawner

    Factions would be very similar to the previous versions we've had, a type of factions that takes time to create a mega faction that can be practically unraidable, this requires a pretty big grind and a lot of time and dedication to create your empire.
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  2. I would prefer Opfactions, since there would be bigger bases, it would make it fun to play. More cannoning, more TNT, more everything. Sounds like nothing can go wrong...
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    Factions: OP factions is not fun when you have a massive base that no one knows how to raid, in normal factions there is no limit but in OPFactions there is a limit to what you can do, e.g you get to the max. Although OPFactions is fun at the start but after it a week it gets boring, normal factions is more of a challenging and usually lasts longer, OPFactions is very hard to balance out with the shop kits etc which can mess up the server eco and things like that if it isn't done right etc.

    If you make a 100 wall base which is quite easy on OPFactions, it would take a good 2-5h to raid and it just gets boring and repetitive and half the time you end up getting stopped because they log on mid raid, furthermore; Factions is much more competitive and fun for people who aren't really good at building bases etc.

    In normal factions there is no limit, there is more work to be done which is a lot more fun but OPFactions you can only get so far then it gets extremely boring. Normal factions isn't just raiding and making bases you can do loads of stuff like trapping with insane HCF (Hardcore Factions) like traps, which isn't really possible on OPFactions because it will just get blown up straight away. Factions would be really cool with the Skyblock spawner plugins, it makes a change to factions and could attract a lot more players. Koths are so boring on OPFactions and PvP in general, fights last like 2hrs because kids have inventories of gear. Koths wont get knocked because there is no chance for the capper to die, or get knocked. Personally, regardless of which server you choose, koths need to be changed and made like a 3x3 cap and slabbed walls not solid blocks.

    Although in my opinion Factions is better, I wouldn't mind OPFaction's as it attracts a lot of players and sometimes can be a lot of fun for everyone - as long as the eco is balanced out and not corrupted like other versions, even the poor. But, you could balance it out, like semi OP factions? I would like to hear other peoples opinion on this :) (I kind of rushed this sorry for spelling / grammar mistakes)
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  4. Would you prefer a Factions *or* OP Factions reset first of all, but I would go either way, depending on how OP OP Factions and Factions is. The problem is that no one plays Factions because of how deserted it is, everyone is too bored of being the first. Any reset would get Factions a call to attention for other players to join; due to my recent experience with factions, some players join this server specifically for that particular server, but when they see the player count, they leave without thinking the significance of Skyblock or Prison. Factions is boring in general nonetheless, as I say on any suggestion, there should be a goal or like the a highest of something IDK

    By the way, I chose Factions.
  5. There is a goal, infact many: balance top, faction top (richest faction), highest kills etc. There is so much to do in factions the problem is that people dont really understand how to play and how it all works because it isn't a simple gamemode there is a lot that can be done, it is a open free world in survival.
  6. There's always those players who don't read the rules before they jump into the warzone. Maybe that should be a requirement.
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  7. Factions
    Factions was unsuccessful this version due to lack of interest. New features that were implemented such as Koth had increased the stakes and introduced a more competitive way of PvPing, however the problem is that Koth is a feature of the myriad of Factions servers that are currently running, which gave way to a lack of uniqueness to the server and became less fun to play. Consequently, a decrease in players triggers a domino effect which made others stop playing due to lack of competition with one another. If Cyclone is going to have a Factions reset (the polls suggest otherwise) then the Admins should consider introducing some more unique features and make it more exciting to interest players. Otherwise it's not worth Cyclone's time and money to develop.

    OPFactions on the other hand was played more frequently and was able to keep players interested for a longer period of time, and it was rather successful. Cyclone should definitely consider readding OPFactions and stuff it with a whole bunch of unique features to interest players for even longer.

    One thing that is important to keep in mind is the speed at which one reaches end game. Too fast of a rate and factions will reach stalemates with each other. However an average rate will make it harder to reach end game but will not become a boring grind. In short, the average rate is recommended and will hopefully augment factions into a more enjoyable game mode to players on Cyclone.
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  8. This is almost the same case as prison, because some people who are dedicated will reach the end really quickly, and the not so dedicated players won't. But we're not talking about prison here :)
  9. factions is fun and strategic, opfactions is just about kits and who can get the most gapples. kind of disappointed in cyclone network community in this one
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  10. can we please not make this pay2win, thats how 99% of factions servers are and it ruins it for people and makes it so people wont stick around. if you want this this to last then you need to keep it fair for everyone
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  11. Let's go Factions!
  12. Yeah I totally agree, they should make a system where ranks are possible to get with in game money with no irl trades. I personally think this would encourage more lower ranked players to play. Or there could even be missions like skyblock that is rewarding with money, objects (e.g: custom enchants, levels, spawners etc). Magic is right about OPFactions, its about who has the most kits, if you have ever played a decent amount of OPFactions you would have realised most of the stuff is from kits. Raiding is very rare on OPFactions, people have massive bases that take hours to raid. Think about it, just because you bump up the 'OP'ness doesn't mean the skill level of players increases.

    Edit: F top #1 position could receive like $50 store credit for the leader, just to keep players wanting to play and giving them a reason to play not just for entertainment.
  13. Ok, I'm probably the player that play the most faction on earth ;D. What I'm saying is that I enjoy playing it with my friends and my ally #J2O, Neo, etc. OPFactions is really cool, like in V3, I enjoyed it. The problem was : I was drought or rain, I have (0) gaps, and a full p20 stuff. Cyclones players were p80 with a stack of gaps, you understand? Still, it would be fun to get back at it. To raid all big facs and the admin base like in V5 ;D I really enjoyed it and hope that all will enjoy like me. +1 for OPFactions
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  14. SuperPanda I play over 12 faction servers!. I really find it hard you play more then I do, when the factions server comes out I am going to destroy it!

    Reason's Why I Will ''Destroy it"

    1) Im p2w
    2) I have played with owners of faction servers (When I took a break from cyclone)
    3) I can grind the **** out of factions its dirty
    4) I know how to play the game and make every single base ( I mean walls and blockers)
    5) I can make a 254 stacker! (I cannon a lot)

    Please make factions a thing <3

    And you have to be careful with making it not p2w.... Thats if you make it not p2w. The reason I say this is because it can turn out where everyone can get top rank ingame for factions or its stupid and prices are just all messed up aka no one will buy ingame ranks and it will be p2w (When I say ingame ranks I mean but ranks ingame) <3 IDC If My Spelling Is Bad Its Late asf and Im Bad At Spelling! and my grammar is amazing as you can tell ..... SIKE ......

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  15. GL to break my base <3
  16. Reg factions tops Op factions. Lez get it
  17. The highest factions will continuously be donors, donors have more chance of getting better items and being the faction top, donors will always end up winning and that would negate the whole reason for implementing that.

    You can disagree with the statement but look at baltop on skyblock, the top 20 players are all Hurricane+.
    Is top every leader is a donor.

    Prison baltop all donors that are Hurricane+.

    It's an undisputable claim that donors will be the richest and most likely have the best factions.


    - Dylz
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  18. Players will do whatever they can to reach the factions top if the inscentive was a $50 voucher. While donating remains a prime advantage to regular players, alts also contribute as well due to the fact that not everyone can get their hands on them. With a system such as the Voting system, everyone has a fair shot at getting the voucher since it doesn't rely on the donor-nondonor paradigm and it is almost impossible to exploit with alts. If we were to do something like that with factions top we would have to follow the conditions set with the Voting system.
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  19. Despicable
  20. That's a bit of an immature response, I made a point and gave following evidence to support that argument, I hardly believe that my content is deserving of hate, but you can choose what you would like to believe, the buycraft voucher will not be implemented, most definitely in the way previously stated, I hope you can understand why.

    - Dylz
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