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Factions For Creative

Discussion in 'Archived Suggestions & Feedback' started by GeT_BamBooZel, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. IGN: GeT_BamBooZel (BamBoo)

    Which area of the network is your suggestion for: General? i Guess

    Describe your suggestion: I suggest changeing the faction server for a creative one, because i think it will get more atention then the faction one.

    Any photos/videos to show the suggestion: Nope

    How would this suggestion benefit the network: More people.

    Anything else: Idk

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  2. we used to have creative along with factions, doesn't mean it was more popular back in V5 tho
  3. but creative was basically where I played all the time and where I had new friends, and now almost all of them are...gone because the removal of creative
  4. I feel like this is a good suggestion. Factions isn't used by a lot of people but I think creative would be, some people may go on there to test build ideas for skyblock or prison. I do have to agree with you that creative would be played more than Factions and might even bring more players to the server!

    Your Friendly Llama,
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    A lot of people have put days and weeks of work into Factions, so I think they should just add creative.
  6. I disagree, as back a few versions ago, u would rarely see over 8 people on creative. Factions on the other hand used to be a powerhouse of cyclone, usually with over 30 players. I vote it would be better to revamp Op Factions, instead of replacing it with Creative.
  7. I realllyyy miss creative and I never really liked factions and i have never played factions exept for a few minutes, I almost completely quit cyclone when creative went away and everybody I used to talk to went away, but I see your point
  8. No ples I fan I like bragging about getting s igs by doing nothing
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