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Events in August!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dylz, Jul 30, 2016.

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    August Events

    Hello everyone, It's Peter & Dylz!

    We will be speaking about events, events in the future and events that will be going on in the near future, Peter and I are also speaking on behalf of the staff team!


    How do we get Information on the Event?

    At the beginning of each month Peter or myself will be making a thread to keep you guys posted, it will include details, times, information on rewards, Etc. We will also be having a Poll on the thread, the poll is in Cyclone Networks Players hands as it will give you a choice on either a Friday or Saturday, giving players more time and more flexibility to ensure that we can give as many players a chance to participate in the events.

    Rewards in events will vary, most rewards will involve money with a choice on what server you would like to be rewarded on, sometimes we will reward players with items that are connected to the Event, Eg. A Kit made for the TopPvPer, we may also give out admin items and other goodies so be sure to try your hardest too make sure you can snatch some of these prizes!

    How can you contribute to Events?
    The best way to help and contribute to events is to participate in them! We love to see you guys enjoying yourselves and we are encouraged to continue with the Events to ensure you guys and gals are hyped and excited! You can also help by sending ideas privately to Peter & myself, we are willing to any ideas and hope that you guys can come up with some awesome creative events that we can share with everyone!

    Week 1 PvP Tournament
    As we can see from above this weeks Event is a PvP tournament, this PvP tournament is a 1 vs 1 and will hopefully get everyone excited and ready for a month of different events! If you would like an in depth insight or just more information be sure to check out Peters thread! It goes over everything :)

    Shout out to @TheJackLC for already recommending Events (Spleef)

    On Behalf of the staff team Peter & I would like to thank you all for keeping updated with Cyclone Network and continuously helping us create a better community!

    - Have a Fantastic Day!
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  2. what is spleef
  3. Spleef is basically, where you are encased in an arena where the goal is too break the snow which is under people using a shovel, in spleef their can be multiple layers of snow, normally you fall into the void but in this situation you might fall down a certain amount of blocks to grass where you can no longer compete and you are knocked out of the competition, to win Spleef you need to be the last person standing on the snow platform, it doesn't matter which level though
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  4. Players break the "floor" below them with a certain tool to try to make other players fall off the platform. The last person who is on the platform wins.

    Might be able to join the last few events :)
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  5. Can't wait to come in last place in the pvp tourny!
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  6. Aha, same here. xD
    Anyways this sounds like a lot of fun. Can't wait for the upcoming events. :)
  7. Well, a pvp tournament, nice.
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  8. indeed
  10. I have a bad feeling that I'm gonna get absolutely wrecked in the PvP tourney.
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  11. Heyyyy guys :D

    QQs, how and when is the 3rd event? And when can you sign up?

    cheers and hugs
  12. When is the next event
  13. events in september? <3
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