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EVENT: Spleef

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by MiToCam, Jul 3, 2018.

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    EVENT: Spleef

    What is this Event?

    Hello Everyone, it is time for your first event of July. It is time for Spleef!

    The event is simple, everyone will be teleported into a pod above the arena. From there the blocks beneath you will be removed and everyone will drop onto the spleef platform and dig the snow until one person is left standing. The event will have 3 rounds, in these 3 rounds there will be the top 3. The top 3 will get so many points:

    1st Place: 3 Points
    2nd Place: 2 Points
    3rd Place: 1 Point

    The players with the most points will win.

    When is the Event?
    The event will be on Saturday the 14th of July at 8pm GMT. In the spoiler below you are able to see that converted into different time zones:

    BST: 9PM
    AUST: 6AM
    EST: 4PM
    PST: 1PM
    CET: 11PM
    CEST: 10PM

    8PM GMT was decided to try and give an opportunity for all players to join the event.

    What Will I Win?
    As I said before, there will be A prize for the top 3 who score the most points during the event. The rewards can be seen below for the lucky player who wins:

    1st: Tag, Hayden’s Head and $10.00 Buycraft
    2nd: Tag, Brody’s Head and $5.00 Buycraft
    3rd: Tag

    The winners are:

    1st Place: 2minecraftbros2
    2nd Place: Auggiejrash
    3rd Place: Pressrandwin

    Good Luck to everyone who participates. If anyone has any questions please feel free to DM me on forums or discord or just comment on this thread.

    - Cyclone Staff Team
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  2. the only thing i'm good at will be going on while i'm on a plane, oh well
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  3. Ooh! Let's see if I can win it again like last time ;D
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    Congrats to all who participated
    this a joke
  5. Add 10 pm CEST to the timezones :p
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    Hmmm........Looks like i have to wake up at 6 and join this even
  7. The winners are out! I hope everyone, who participated, enjoyed the event.

    Next Event: Parkour
    When: July 28th

    More details will follow!
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