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Enchantments List And What They Do!

Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by ToMuchCowBell, Apr 16, 2017.


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    The enchantments are out! here is a list of them. You can also do /enchants in game to see them.

    Common Enchantment (Grey)
    Blazing [1-3] Desc: Auto smelts ore [Pickaxe]
    Gills [1] Desc: Gives water breathing effect [Helmet]
    Haste [1-3] Desc: Gives haste effect [Tools & Weapon]
    Lightining [1-3] Desc: Strikes A powerful lightning [Bow]
    Ignition [1-3] Desc: Burns your attackers [Armor]
    MultiShot [1-3] Desc: Shoots multiple arrows at once [Bow]
    Replenish [1] Desc: Prevents hunger loss [Helmet]
    Visionary [1] Desc: Gives permanent night vision [Helmet]

    Unique Enchantment (Green)

    AxeMastery [1-4]
    Desc: Increases durability loss of enemies armor [Sword & Axe]
    Berserker [1-3] Desc: Chance to receive strength while fighting [Sword & Axe]
    Blessed [1-3] Desc: Chance to remove debuffs [Sword & Axe]
    Cloak [1-3] Desc: Invisibility cloak [Armor]
    Creeper [1-3] Desc: Immunity to TNT [Armor]
    DarkHalo [1-4] Desc: Chance to replenish your health [Armor]
    Inflame [1-5] Desc: Deals further damage at low health [Sword & Axe]
    Infrangible [1-3] Desc: Increases item durability [Armor & Weapons/Tools]
    ObsidianShield [1-4] Desc: Reduces damage of enemy axes [Armor]
    Slime [1-3] Desc: Applies slowness and blindness on target [Sword & Axe]
    Wither [1-3] Desc: Applies wither effect on the enemy [Sword & Axe]

    Rare Enchantment (Cyan)
    Destruction [1-5]
    Desc: Drops TNT upon death [Armor]
    Hellfire [1-3] Desc: Shoots fireballs [Bow]
    LightningBolt [1-3] Desc: Shocks nearby players [Sword & Axe]
    Obstruction [1-5] Desc: Damage resistance under attack [Armor][Can't apply to helmet]
    PoisonResistance [1] Desc: Immune to poison [Armor]
    Rescue [1-3] Desc: Throws you into the air on low health [Boots]
    Shadow [1-3] Desc: Applies blindness on target [Sword & Axe]

    Epic Enchantment (Pink)
    Cactus [1-3]
    Desc: Pip-prick armor [Armor]
    Headless [1-2] Desc: Beheads a player [Sword & Axe]
    Hex [1-5] Desc: Applies nausea to enemies [Sword & Axe]
    Netherskin [1] Desc: Immune to fire [Armor]
    ObsidianDestroyer [1] Desc: Instantly break obsidian [Pickaxe]
    Paralyze [1-4] Desc: Causes slowness and slow swinging [Sword & Axe]
    Rage [1-3] Desc: Gives limited strength [Sword & Axe]
    SonicShift [1-3] Desc: Speed & health boost [Armor]
    Venom [1-3] Desc: Applies poison to enemies [Sword & Axe]

    Legendary Enchantment (Yellow)
    Immortal [1-2]
    Desc: Gives permanent regeneration effect [Armor]
    Jelly [1] Desc: Prevents fall damage [Boots]
    Mobrusher [1-5] Desc: Increases EXP dropped by mobs [Sword & Axe]
    Vampire [1-5] Desc: Heals you while attacking [Sword & Axe]
    Savage [1-4] Desc: Increases damage subject to axes [Sword & Axe]
    SoulCollector [1] Desc: Keeps track of your kills [Sword & Axe]
    Springs [1-3] Desc: Applies permanent jump effect [Boots]
    Supersonic [1-3] Desc: Applies permanent speed effect [Boots]

    Let me know if there are any errors
    Credit to Albon23 & ThiefCreeper100 for helping out
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  2. Thanks! Nice job getting the full list so early! Imma put this in my bookmarks tab!
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  3. Nice Job Josh! This is really helpful, it tells us what we need to know about the enchants.

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