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Enchanting Trick

Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by KoalaOnCaffeine6, Aug 12, 2017.


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  1. #1 KoalaOnCaffeine6, Aug 12, 2017
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    Hi everyone!! This trick will optimise the way you enchant.

    As some of you may know already, in vanilla Minecraft, as you add more enchantments to an item, it's level increases until it 'too expensive'. Unfortunately, the custom enchantments in Cyclone add to this value, even though you cannot stack them.

    Soo, now you know this, you may have already found the order to this, BUT!! There's more strategy! First you need to have a gold tool of what ever you want to enchant (diamond sword - gold sword, diamond pickaxe - gold pickaxe) to lock the enchantment table. Now enchant the item you want to and add all of the VANILLA enchanted books you want to.
    Then add your custom ones.

    Now you have your OP item!! I would recommend doing this with a ranked set higher than hurricane or equal.
    From your Koala, KoalaOnCaffeine6 ;)
  2. eh, kinda hard to get a %100 book. everyone already does this.
  3. 100% using success dust from /tinkerer is what I meant, sorry for confusion, thought people would like to know.
  4. Pls dont type in colors it makes it hard to heard and i get a terrible head ache from it
  5. Oops, sorry. I'll change it!!
  6. Thanks man