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Dossy's Introduction

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Dossy, May 11, 2017.


Am I Really That Savage

  1. Is this even questionable

  2. What even is a Dossy?

  3. No You Are sooooo Kind

  1. Hai as most of you know I'm Dossy and I have procrastinated for about 2 years now in making my introduction.

    I have been playing since V1 and became very well known in my V2 stage through pvping. since then I've connected with staff and other long time players.
    I had a break during the V3-V4 stage due to some Real life issues but came back in V5 to the current day and age.

    I'm quite active on the server but not very much on the forums due to pure laziness and not having much control on it but always willing to help in game to players. I can be quite the smart ass to players to try and get a laugh and enjoyment out of it, obviously then proceeding into helping that individual.

    I honestly don't know how this stuff goes but this is a bit about me

    - I play a variety of Games
    - I'm 17
    - I'm socially Awkward
    - I rarely Sleep :D

    If there is anything else of actual importance I have missed out on leave an angery comment below and tell me to get myself sorted out :mad:

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  2. hi humen
  3. Many English!
  4. I love the post in discord with the "Introduction Letter" format/example :D You are pretty nice and humany.
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  5. could you pls make a poll option that says "Is dossy a type of disease" because that is how i feel, thx v mucho gracias
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  6. Herro Dossy
  7. I'll always remember you as the gambler, not the pvper. But uh I suppose it's a decent introduction for someone as awkward as you :) See ya soon "Pal"
  8. You're also good at dem advices
  9. Hai Noodle
  10. Jesus, Dossy. Go get some sleep, will ya? :eek:;)
  11. is there even a difference anymore from pvp and gambling ;)

    Hai potatoes

    Ill never sleep deal wiv it
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    I'm the only noodle here! Smh
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