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[Denied] Soft_Potato's Staff Application

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by Soft_Potato, Apr 30, 2017.

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  1. As you can see on my application, I mostly play on prison
  2. Only thing I mainly see wrong with this application are the Tags you have.

    It specifically says - Do NOT add tags to your staff application, it only results in a mess on your application.
    So you might want to remove those.

    With activity I can see you're defiantly very active on prison (usually when I go on there to do my kits or other I usually see you) which is very good as I've been finding the prison community toxic lately.

    For a 12 year old you seem very mature which is a great thing! Only thing I can think of to tell you is to work on spamming the forums less with certain posts, overall friendly player, well known prison player, had some mistakes in the past (but hey we're all human) and I believe you can help a lot! Especially with the prison community.

    Current Verdict: +/-Support
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  3. I edited the application with more detail on the kicked, muted, banned question and the questions that needed more information.
  4. Soft, I think you should mention you are paper god on skyblock or prison (I don't rememeber) Good job editing it :D. Wish you luck, tho you probs won't need it
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  5. I have Global God
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  6. #26 Lafayette, Jul 14, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2017
    Nice application!
    Current verdict: +
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  7. the support you give on a staff application is not about personal things
    as an example i dont like Jyzo but i still think he will be a good staff
  8. I've seen you online multiple times when I was on prison and on skyblock, you seem like a pretty nice person, I think you'll be a good staff
    Current Verdict: +
  9. mmm seems like a good application
    Current verdict +/-
  10. "Yes, I have been banned, muted, and kicked. When I got banned, it was for making a 'Nazi Fortress,' I got banned for 4 days by Huggiee. I didn't acknowledge at the time that people were offended by what I had built and that I was supporting a cause that isn't even appropriate to talk about. Now, after I learned about World War 2 and who the Nazis were, the thing I built on my plot was very immature and to anyone who was offended, I deeply apologize."

    That's stupid, really huggie :/
  11. Hello, Applicants!

    You have passed the application phase and are now on to our next part of vetting for staff members, during this all you will do is message me privately on the forums with your availability over the coming days including your timezone along with your skype name so we can start the next process. Best of luck! Anyone who wishes to forfeit their current position it would be greatly appreciated if you could also let me know privately!

    - Dylz
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