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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Sharky, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. I don't know why I'm making this you all probably know I got banned this is my actual final goodbye from me.

    Few people

    Dwiz/Hayden- The man who unbanned me once but didn't unban me the second time.

    Jyzo/Jamie- Great staff member got demoted for a stupid reason. One of my favourite people in the community always helps me out. #Jamie4Officer

    British/Josh- Great staff member unfortunately he resigned gud having to hanky her favourite member of the community.

    Dylz- Don't like him

    Rectangle/Charli- Probaly vest admin so far other than Firefox. Great staff member.

    Itzvylenix/Kyle- We will remember you bud tears in my eyes everyday. Rip

    Bubz- Great friend always there for me don't really talk anymore.

    Bamboo- Great friend #1 prison player.

    Gabe- Great friend cheers me up

    Dary- Fucking dickhead telling Josh to do stuff well in fact you do it instead of Josh. Go fuck yourself. @Dary98_FTW
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    To lazy to edit

    Mito- Great staff member. Great friend.

    Heren- Great friend

    Firefox- Great admin

    Huggiee- Alright the one who denied my app.

    Dom- Great person.

    Pur- funny guy
  3. I will miss you Shark! We had some good times together but I guess that has come to an end. Good Luck in the future.

    Your Friendly Llama,
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  4. Goodbye sharky :(
    I will miss playing with u.
    Are u quitting minecraft or just cyclone?

    Also snarky PM me on Discord my name is AXA#3395
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  5. Firing some shots in this final post, damn.
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  6. Dude. That Dary guy got banned didnt he? xD
  7. Idk
  8. Just cyclone miss you too
  9. Shots Fired
  10. Miss you too
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  11. You seemed like a nice guy, also I like the banter at Dary lmao
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