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Cyclone's Sumo Event!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by PeterThePenguin, Sep 20, 2016.

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  1. #1 PeterThePenguin, Sep 20, 2016
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    Hey there,

    We're back with another event for you all, this time it's sumo. It's been almost 2 months since the last sumo event so we've decided to bring it back. So what is sumo? The aim of sumo is to knock your opponents off a platform using your fist. It is not a 1v1, everyone will be spawned on top of the arena platform upon arrival and inventories will be cleared so make sure not to bring anything valuable. There will be 3 rounds, so 3 winners! Those 3 winners will then compete against each other for the top prize. This event will be taking place on the skyblock server on the 23rd of September, 10am AEST, 12am GMT and 8pm EST (Keep in mind that Friday will be Saturday for Australians).

    This time it'll run much smoother than the last one as we're much more prepared! Rules will be more strict for those who decide to ruin the fun for the rest. If anyone decides to cheat and bring in a sword, they will be banned from the server for an hour and also banned from competing in events for a month. If you're caught hacking well.. you guessed it! You'll be banned permanently. Instructions will be given out during the event.


    First Place:

    • $1,000,000 on Skyblock​
    • Sumotori Victor Potato​
    Second Place:
    • $500,000 on Skyblock
    Third Place:
    • $250,000 on Skyblock

    Hope to see many of you there!
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  2. Doing great with all these events, keep it up ;)
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  3. I Love your events, they are real cool!
  4. Wow, really cool events! Too bad I have school that time :'(
  5. Lol. xD Sometimes is good to be old.

    (nvm i have to go to my job D: )
  6. Uhm so 2nd place gets $500k and 3rd place gets only $250... Perhaps you missed a 0 there? But idk, its your event lol
  7. Good eye LOL, it was a typo sorry. 250k*
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  8. L0L
  9. hehe how does that feel HUH?! Get rekt by me pewpewpew! Jk nice event post, doing a great job for someone who lives upside down
  11. when cyclone is doing a really fucking cool event but u already made planes to get turnt af :(
  12. Holy shit my secret is revealed! Gotta go and hide now
  13. Im not sure if i need to put my name in but AustinMC
  14. Ugh!
    I'd join but it would be 3am for me when it happens.
    Well... good luck to everyone else!

  15. GG Hqx.
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