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Cyclone's Parkour and Maze Event!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dylz, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. | Parkour + Maze Event
    Hello, friends! As you can all most likely tell we will be having an event! We know it has been quite some time since our last event... sorry <3 please don't hate me, but after we spoke to the community we have come up with a parkour and maze course that consists of 4/5 major challenges to complete in order to get some yummy prizes! Prizes that's probably what you all are interested in :c I would be as well.

    | What? An event? When? Where!?!
    The event will be located on Skyblock, the event will be on 1st of October, 10am AEST, 12pm GMT and 8pm EST (Keep in mind that Friday will be Saturday for Australians). if you're a bit lazy like me the event will be in about 2 days from, now-ish although I highly recommend converting that to your time zone to ensure you're aware and available for the time! (sorry uk people <3)

    | Prizes!
    First Place
    $25 Buycraft Voucher + Ingame Items - Tier 1
    Second Place
    $15 Buycraft Voucher + Ingame Items - Tier 1
    Third Place
    $10 Buycraft Voucher + Ingame Items - Tier 1

    | Thanks

    On behalf of Cyclone Staff team and Administrative, you guys are what makes us Cyclone and what makes us unique, without you guys constantly supporting and playing on Cyclone we wouldnt be where we are today and we would like to thank you for all the continued support and are hoping to see as many of you as possible at the event!

    - Cyclone Staff Team
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  2. So happy and excited now just need a computer to play on xD
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  3. Sounds interesting... I'll give it a go.
  4. yay more events :D
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  5. HypeHypeHype
  6. Fuq I have a soccer tournament ;-; RIP
  7. I was hyped until I read the part that the event was going to be at 12pm GMT. I need ma sleeppppp :(

    Nahhhh, it should be cool :p

  8. I hope I don't Miss this event (probably lol)
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  9. I am terrible at mazes lol, but I'll enjoy that parkour event gl everyone!!!
  10. when do I get to crush people at pvp
  11. I would love to do it, but I can't I have school on that day and I need my sleep I can't stay to until 12 PM cries
  12. The event should be on a Saturday Night or Sunday morning depending on your timezone, school shouldn't be affected
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    @Dylz ignore what I said before xD I just realised that it's 12 Pm as Sunday afternoon xD
  14. I think it was meant to say 12AM Gmt? Cause when it's 12PM Gmt, it sure isn't 8PM Est.
    8PM Est is the same time as 12AM Gmt, so it would be october 1st for Gmt just about, but still september 30th for Est?
  15. o wait tournament got rescheduled. ill be there :)
  16. I'm so bad at Parkour. But hey, I'll give it a try or three! <3
  17. I'm even going to be there! Looks awesome Lachie, good job!
  18. Let's see if I get there or if I'm too busy mining my arse off :p
  19. Congratulations to the 3 winners.
    Salve - First
    IIIIllllIIIIll - Second
    0romis - Third

    Thanks to all that competed and we hope to see you all in the coming events!
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  20. Damn I missed it sadly