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Cyclone Q & A! [Closed]

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dylz, May 10, 2017.

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  1. | Cyclone Q & A!

    Hey All! Today we will be trying out something new, we hope that this will give our players and community a little bit more understanding of what we are doing behind the scenes and what we're planning for the future, this will be a question and answer, you will privately ask me questions and they will be placed on this thread with an answer ;c

    | How to ask a Question
    1. Click this [Closed]
    2. Create a title for your conversation E.g Q & A
    3. Ask your question & send it to me!
    You can ask about anything, the staff team, the servers, I will do my best to respond efficiently, with the best responses possible, your name will also be in the question so everyone will know who asked the questions. The Q & A will close in a matter of days so be sure to get your questions in ASAP! Enjoy ;c

    Note, I may not put every single question in for a multitude of different reasons!
    | Questions & Answers
    | Question
    When will /ads be online?

    | Answer
    /ads is an ongoing plugin that involves a lot of time and work to get it working in the correct state, we, unfortunately, released it prematurely without the proper prior testing and for this reason it hasn't worked correctly since, We have no exact date or ETA but I will be making it a priority in the coming time.

    | Question
    Quick questions about the Token Shop on Skyblock,
    1. Is there an ETA on when it will be up
    2. What can we expect from the token shop? (like special enchants, Backpacks, money or keys)
    | Answer
    Skyblock token shop, again there's no exact ETA at the moment, but I will predict very soon as it is something we are looking into further and trying to resolve the current issues the plugin has. As for rewards you can expect to see some exclusive items and possibly kits, along with some in-game perks and also items that would previously only be available in the store. Good question ;c

    | Question
    What does Dwizofoz do while he's not online? (By that I mean what he does to help the server, not what he does in his free time)
    | Answer
    From the man himself ;c "I'm generally always in console and message developers."

    | Question
    Hey Dylz, so with Kianlos no longer managing staff recruitment, what can we expect to see from staff management for possible applicants?
    | Answer
    As of now, I will be taking over Kian's role, I worked very closely with Kian when he was around so it should be all good, I will work towards getting the community more involved in-game and throughout the forums.
    | Question
    Will gods get the [Chestsell] command to replace /pt sell all? If so, when?
    | Answer
    God rank is a sticky situation, we make it the best rank without making it absurdly overpowered that it ruins the game, balancing out God can resolve issues but create chaos, as of now we have no plans on adding [ChestSell] to replace /pt as of now.

    | Question
    When is KitPVP coming out?
    | Answer
    I personally would work on KitPvP but as of now we are working on the servers we currently have, hence the Skyblock only reset, we want to make all the servers on Cyclone Network at a high standard before we decide to bring out a completely new server, for this reason, it could be quite some time before we see KitPvP live again unfortunately, but we will try to give you all a taste of KitPvP in the coming weeks.

    | Question
    When will the next PvP tournament be
    | Answer
    A PvP tournament is next in line and should be seen within this month ;c

    | Question
    Are you guys over on the staff team planning on coming out with any other servers? (For example, Non-OP Prison, Survival/Towny or even an OP Skyblock.
    | Answer
    As I said a bit earlier we are really going for Quality over Quantity at the moment so there's no new servers set in stone to be coming out, as we have other priorities for the time being.

    | Question
    Will the server get more YouTubers?
    | Answer
    We are constantly looking for new Youtubers and other media platforms to advertise Cyclone, although it can be quite complicated we still try to contact as many YouTubers as possible, you might have seen we recently acquired a new Youtuber for the Network, in other words, we are constantly looking for Youtubers ;c

    | Question
    When will bosses be fixed?
    | Answer
    Bosses aren't currently broken, we have disabled them for a multitude of reasons due to many issues within the plugin and also how conflictive it was with Custom Enchants, we may look at bringing them back although I personally believe they would be completely re-worked.
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  2. I'm confused. Alright I sent you one.
  3. Must be boring on console
  4. hehe xd
  5. I like what you guys and girls (hey, I'm not assuming genders!) are doing. And I hope that some day, more YouTubers will help all of you out.

    (P.S. I can maybe ask some YouTubers to play on the server, but you can't count my words for it).
  7. Ofc C0nstant asks the PvP question. Why am I not surprised?
  8. ;c
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  10. I want this to be a whole section on the forums!
    SO people can alsways ask questions and expect answers!
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  11. @Dylz Are you doing everyone's?
  13. After quite a successful Q & A it is now closed, you can continue to ask questions although this thread is now closed! Thanks for all the active participation, we may look at doing this again.

    - Dylz
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