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Cyclone Promotions

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Pardu, Apr 4, 2016.

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    Hello everyone!

    This is a message to all you citizens of the Cyclone Network server. We need your help yet once more. However this time I am not asking for ideas, bugs or anything like that. No, this time we need YouTubers.

    As you all may know the player count of the server is dropping. A great way to get the player count to go up is advertising. In the past we have tried different ways of advertising, some worked better than others. This time we are going to try something we did in the past but a bit different. What we seek are YouTubers, but none of those big, 5 million subscriber YouTubers, no, we are now looking for smaller YouTubers! We want to try and get a small 'army' of YouTubers to play, record and have fun on our server. The only issue is, I do not really know many smaller YouTubers. This is where you guys come in! We need you to go out and search for these YouTubers. Go and search YouTube, Google, Bing (ugh who even uses that, right) or ask your friends, your brothers and sisters, your pets, that one creepy old man that lives 3 miles down the street in an old, spooky house. We need as many as we can get! There are some requierments that these YouTube channels need to have. Those are as listed below.

    • They need to have between 1.250 and 10.000 subscribers
    • They need to speak and make English content
    • They need to have clean and kid friendly content (E.g. keeping swearing to a minimum, no harrasment, etc.)
    • They need to have an active YouTube channel (Around 1-2 videos uploaded each week)

    That is pretty much all you guys have to worry about, mostly basic stuff. Now should you have found one or multiple (preferably multiple), all you have to do is leave a comment with their YouTube channel name on this post. That is all!
    *Wow? Are you for real? Is that really all we have to do?*
    Yes, that is everything you guys have to do! I will personally take care of the rest that is involved in the process. We really hope you can find loads of YouTubers and together we will make the server popular again!


    Thanks in advance everyone, we really appreciate your help and we can not thank you enough for it.

    - Tim & the Staff Team.
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  2. lol i got 12 subs
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  3. I got 18 ...
  4. I have 72 :0
  5. I have 22 subs xD
  6. "requirements" :D
  7. Shus
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  8. Just imporverating your Grammar :D
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  9. you've narrowed it down to about 100 channels. 1 of which actually plays minecraft. 0 of which want to come on cyclone
  10. Ayy Lmao already reached out to about 10 and got 3 replys so yeah
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  11. Very nicely done by 80th Moose.
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  12. wow! good luck! :D
  13. dont like youtubers because of all the trash communities they bring in, and all those fangirls.
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  14. Can't you just say 1,250+ subs?
  15. Its because we also have a max, we do not want to go out and pay YouTubers with like 25k subs since that would cost
    to much
  16. How about 10k and below
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  17. Rip i have 150 subs, can we like make it lower?
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  18. pretty sure all these kids saying they have 18 subs and 25 subs and 97 subs are lyin
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  19. omg u skrub!!!! beat my 12 subz fgt!!!!!!!!
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