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Cyclone Network Sky Wars Event!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dylz, Oct 7, 2016.

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    Hello players of Cyclone Network! We’re back with another event and this time, we have something new and special for you all! That's right, this week’s event is Skywars! This will take a lot more time and we're sorry for the delay on last weeks event, it was postponed due to peter and myself having some real life stuff going on, but we're back and starting fresh! We really hope you enjoy this event! Here's some information on whats going to happen and how it is going to go down!

    Hayden Peter & I, have come up with something awesome for you guys and we're super excited to announce that there is now a /Server Events! Events will now be held on this server and prizes will be awarded on the server chosen by the winner! The Events server will be whitelisted until it is Game day! We're super excited and we hope you all are as well!

    When will the event be hosted?

    Skywars will be held on the 9th of October (Sunday) at 10am AEDT, 12am GMT+1 and 8pm EST. For Americans it will be on the 8th of October, don’t worry though it’s all at the same time it’s just a different day because of timezones!

    Prizes will be Money / Tokens
    Special Admin items
    Some other secret goodies! :)

    What is Skywars?
    Skywars is a game mode where you spawn on an island, grab your items out of the chests that will spawn somewhere on your island (You have to find them!) and gear up to fight to the death! You may build to others islands to kill them but you can also build to the middle to get extra loot from the chests located there. Be warned,though - Many players will be heading towards the middle island! You will be given armour, weapons & projectiles, these can be used to knock other players off instead of PvPing them! Skywars Combines knowledge, tactical skills and PvP skills, to determine the winner.

    Obviously, no hacking will be allowed.
    Abusing glitches or exploits will result in your account being banned.
    Keep common sense in mind when playing.
    Corny as but have fun! :D

    We'd just like to say thank you all for playing on Cyclone Network, we hope to see as many players as possible at this event! Good luck! Your continuous support is very rewarding to us staff and the community constantly reinforcing us and being a really nice warm and welcome community is great to see keep it up everyone :)
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  2. NOOOO I'll be on Vacation!!!! Darn it Good luck to everyone sounds like a fantastic event!
  3. Like we will be fighting each other?
  4. Yes it's usually a free for all or teams of two so basically you will be fighting the other participants in it as well.
  5. im 10/10 god pvper so this will be fun (no sarcasm)
  6. can't wait :D
  7. I hope skywars becomes an actual game on the server :(

    Sounds like this will be fun c:

    Winner = roran. No doubt about it!
  8. HYPE
    I suck at skyward but I guess I'll try it out if I don't have anything special to do that day
  9. is it possible in the future to give a bit more than a 1 day notice of these events? It sucks that I have to miss another one.
  10. I agree!
  11. Welp another pvp event. 3 wins in a row incoming?
  12. I might come on if my Wi-Fi works that is... heh i'm working to get a better router :/ something called a Terra Bite router...
  13. 2 Days and it was not planned, I was not sure if the World would be ready and setup and I didn't want to give false hope, I was also not sure whether or not the builds would be set up and ready along with the plugins as it is a completely new server.
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    ill be there and pair me up with oran or Nitro! ;)
  15. Hopefully will be there! Good luck to all and I hope to see many attend the event! <3 Should be very fun! ;o
  16. All the same. I understand the inconvenience to you, but I feel more people would be able to make it, if the world was all set up, and then you put out a 7 day notice for a skywars event. The problem for me is I'm going up to Maine this weekend, and I didn't know about this event until (as you said) a day ago. I love this server and I wish I could participate in more of its events, but I am usually busy on weekends, and have to plan for this.

    Thank you though for hosting this event, I know it is a lot of work and I'm grateful that others will get to have fun in it.
  17. Won't be at this event, sorry folks - Got Paintball in the morning, and am now only getting 6hours sleep anyway, but hope all goes well, good luck to everyone!
  19. Event was won by Death ^^ as you can see, thanks for all who participated sorry for any mistakes or inconveniences from the event!
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