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/cstoggle only slightly working

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by KoalaOnCaffeine6, Jan 3, 2018.

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  1. IGN: KoalaOnCaffeine
    Server: Skyblock
    The Bug: /cstoggle only blocks messages from people actually getting an item, not when your shop is out of stock.
    How to recreate the bug: /cstoggle so you cannot see messages, get someone to buy something from a shop you own, it wont say anything. Remove all items from the chest, get them to click it again, you will be messaged by the [Shop] that its out of stock.
    Screenshots: 2018-01-03_20.26.28.png
    'You will no longer receive messages from your shop(s).' LOL k thanks please fix then i be happy

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  2. Dylz had this fixed last version. So he will need to re add it again. Thanks for the report.
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  3. Is this still an issue?
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  4. Well I'm not sure, you've probably seen my 500wpm welcome for new players, with 5zig. And I used 5ziz to block all messages that say I'm out of stock. Pretty good .
  5. Thank You for the report! But as a new version is planned and getting developed, this no longer should happen, so this report will be locked. Please report any bugs you find next version!

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