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Discussion in 'Archived Suggestions & Feedback' started by GoaT_The_Goat, Mar 25, 2017.


Should Diamond Emerald Iron Gold blocks be removed from crates?


  2. no

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  1. Okay I'm very mad. I can't count the times when I open a leg or month key and get BLOCKS. FOR REAL. BLOCKS ARE NOT Legendary. PLEASE I BEG YOU HAYDEN REMOVE BLOCKS. The crates are supposed to be GOOD not BAD. I didn't donate $230 For BLOCKS.

    Please consider this. ~Everyone
  2. LEL
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  3. ?
  4. okok
    I will try something
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  5. <3 <3
  6. Yeaahh, keep blocks in the trashy crates, but in legendary, they don't belong in there xD
  7. 64 IRON BLOCKS!!!! SO OP!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG MOM LOOK!!!!
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  8. 2 months later... WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO DO THAT THING????
  9. LOL.
  10. TY hayden, It can be super annoying xD
  11. ??
  12. the joke
  13. Nope, It would be 2 op =)
  14. How would it be too OP? Blocks are things that you can get, but they aren't LEGENDARY. We could just replace them for something else
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