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Contact / Appology

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by zDesignner, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, as most of you know I [GoogleSettings] have been recently banned
    I would like to appologise to
    Huggiee - Spelling your name wrong
    MiToCam - Blaming you for my ban
    Dylz - Being Annoying
    Dwizofoz - Causing a mess on your server

    I know i shouldn't have used the crate keys without confirming where they came from
    I made a huge mistake but my time at cyclone was amazing thanks to

    Comment if i left you out when writing this im tired

    I remember the first day i joined this server and got to Z rank and bought Drought the same day
    I was playing with my friend [Thanks Dylan <3 ] and he helped me get into the server

    i quit for about 2 months for school because my grades were dropping but i started playing again when i passed all my exams

    in this time i have accomplished so much and i am sorry for everyone i dragged into the key mess
    it wasn't me that duplicated them but i recently found out how it was done so any staff contact me for a full in-depth conversation about the glitch that the keys were duped with

    im not asking for an apology or anything from staff, friends or other players and even though my in-game account has been banned i want to continue contributing to the server over the forums if this is OK with the staff

    If anyone needs to contact me about anything then message me here

    Best Regards
    - GoogleSettings

    [Currently Listening to Hamilton and XXXTentacion wondering why i dont live in the US]
  2. <3, by any chance do you know BingSettings and Firefoxsettings.
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  3. They are part of the Settings gang :D
  4. I thought they were you alts tbh!,
  5. Lol, no, my alt is TooExtreme. i dont usually use alts, Nether__ was changing his name to GoogleSettings, but i stole it then he went to bing
  6. Ahhhh Makes sense
  7. Yeah, when i changed my alts ign it got took of the ban list so i got dylz to ban it again, i dont think the staff care about the other dupe glitch i can tell them about but idm
  8. Welcome back.
  9. I remembered you, I liked that you were very supportive of other players