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[CN] Staff Feedback Survey

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by MiToCam, Jul 16, 2018.


Which Staff Are Excelling In Their Job?

  1. Broanater

  2. Jyzo

  3. MiToCam

  4. Get_BamBooZel

  5. Juscky

  6. PandaaaMC

  7. ParadoxGamingYT

  8. Lafayett

  9. _SynCc

  10. Dominoose

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  1. Staff Feedback Survey

    What is this Survey?

    Hello Everyone, Recently I have been looking over many different factors on Cyclone Network. When looking at these factors, I realized that the community was not involved to it's full potential. Therefore I have created this post to let you get more involved and see your opinions on the staff team.

    I hope to get some feedback on who the community believes is excelling in their role as a staff member, this will hopefully help me as Cyclone's Staff Manager to gain a further understanding of how all the staff are performing daily.

    When Voting, Here are Some Things you Could Think About:
    - Activity Levels - How often do you see them online?
    - Maturity - Are they rude or immature?
    - Defusing Situations - How well do they control situations?
    - Helpfulness - How helpful are they?

    - Kindness - Are they kind when they reply?

    How Does This Work?
    Every member will be given 2 votes, there's no first or second preference, these 2 votes can be used on any staff member, from Trial Helper to Admin. After voting, you can then create a comment to, this comment is justifying your choices and why you voted for the 2 members you did. If you were to do this, it would help me understand why these staff members are excelling.

    Anyone who chooses to be immature and take this as an opportunity to have a negative intent on anyone will be removed.

    Thank You if you decide to participate in this survey, whether that be a comment or just the vote.

    - MiToCam :D

    Cyclone Staff Manager
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  2. bambu and panda
  3. The two staff members that I chose were: Jyzo and Get_BamBooZel.
    Jyzo has always been helpful to me and many other players. Almost as soon as hes online he gets bombarded with questions and problems, all which he seems to handle just easily as they are requested. He also has a nice personality and can take a joke.
    Get_BamBooZel always seems to be on and is also a very friendly person to talk to. He always sees the funny side of things, but when it comes down to it, gives out punishments only if needed and in doing so in a fair manner.

    In saying this: I'm not trying to say that other staff members don't have any/all of these quality's, these are just the two that stand out to me the most (at the current time :p).

    (no harsh feelings to everyone else <3)
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  4. #4 Lucy_69, Jul 17, 2018
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    Stupid Survey. Not voting, you are just making staff feel good/bad about themselves.
    PS Mito Isn't this exactly what you are doing? ->
    The person with the least votes won't feel better about himself as a staff member. Seeing he gets "chosen"
    As the worst staff.
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  5. Its not a contest, its a Survey. Its also to help MiTo out with staff. I can see where your coming from though.
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  6. Juscky and Jyzo because they were the most helpful to me and they are mostly active, Juscky tries to help out as much as possible while being kind to people, Jyzo is almost the same while.
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  7. I chose @MiToCam and @GeT_BamBooZel.

    Recently I've been working closely with MiTo and have realised just how much he puts into the server, he is very good at his job, but I feel as if he has limited power that someone under a role named "Manager" has access to. Would you believe it, when I asked if he could organise a meeting between him, Brody and I he was unsure if he had the power. I see that as a problem and I hope this post will make a change to the permissions hierarchy of the staff ranks on Cyclone.

    I also am very close with Bam and have seen him provide an excellent support service whenever he is online. His actions in game are pretty much identical to how a staff member is expected to behave, and on top of that he often helps out even if he is not required to do so via his position as a member of staff.

    Had I been able to choose more, I would have selected Brody for his constant engagement and updates on Cyclone as a whole, as well as Juscky for his continued help and activity.
  8. It’s to get the community more involved and also to show Mito who needs to improve. Stop seeing the negative in everything when Mito is trying to improve.
  9. I said nothing about who’s the best staff or who’s the worst, all I want to know is who is the mos recognised for their efforts. Who is excelling over others in their role. None of the staff are bad.

    However, we can all have our own opinions. BUT, you should’ve gone about it a different way if you thought it was not a good idea (DM me etc.)

    Your Friendly Llama,
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  10. I'm saying @GeT_BamBooZel because he's by far the most active staff that I really only see anymore online apart from the occasional Jyzo, Brody (I understand that you hide in vanish but I'm not voting for best/worst Admin) or even some of the others. Bamboo stays up late every night and checks on the server as periodically as he chooses to. Plus I just love talking to him and also playing games with him. He's overall a good staff member in all the areas.

    - Activity Levels - Highly active as pointed out in my paragraph that no one will read anyways cause no one cares.

    - Maturity - Good balance between maturity and immaturity. I just believe people who are too mature ruin all the fun but Bamboo balances that really well. He's mature when he needs to be and immature when the server is relaxed.

    - Defusing Situations - I can't really say too much about this as I haven't seen him defuse any major situations that I can think of but just seeing how well he handles little situations; I don't think he'd have a problem with any major situations.

    - Helpfulness -
    Always there to help others, if someone needs assistance from a staff member he's already in chat asking what that player needs help with.

    - Kindness - Overall a very kind staff member. I never seen him once where he flipped out and got pissed off at someone but I'm sure if he did there would be a good reason. He controls his anger quite well unlike some other staff members. Nothing will get pass him.

    My second nominated vote goes to @Dom, even though he was just recently accepted for T-Helper and I know this may not guarantee your way to Helper and beyond but I just gotta say, Dom is one of the best people I have ever met on this server and we're still buddies till this day sharing many times in the past. He's always so nice, warm-heartened, a really nice guy to talk to, and just makes me feel welcomed in every game we play together.

    - Activity Levels - He may not be the most active staff member out there but he does it really well when he needs to and he will try to get on if you need him.

    - Maturity - Very mature, I'm always seeing him use proper capitalization, proper greets, proper responses, you name it. Everything proper! Now I know this may be annoying to some but he also does have a great sense of humor for jokes, odd situations, and a few other things which I can't remember right now cause at the time of writing this it's in the morning and I just woke up and I'm tired and sleepy so leave me alone!

    - Defusing Situations -
    One of the best staff you can ask for defusing situations. He always looks for ways to defuse any type of situations and this player I've seen dealing with a few major tasks on his back and I just gotta say, he always keeps his light-bulb bright above his head cause he will always have an idea for defusing any kind of situation.

    - Helpfulness -
    He does not chat much but he's always open for helping others but he usually only responds if only in /msg or someone asks for staff or him specifically in chat. I'd not say this is a downfall but rather it may keep the peace between the toxic players and the staff at least for a bit longer.

    - Kindness - Very kind, honest, trustful player. Like Bamboo he can control his anger quite well and it's quite rare for anything to get pass him. He's always so modest.

    Anyways these were my two picks, I know I put more than enough information and probably seems unlike me but I get quite serious with votes like this, seeing that no one will probably choose any T-Helpers anyway I might as well pick an ex-staff that I know quite well.

  11. I've voted for @Broanater & @GeT_BamBooZel.

    As a previous staff member and the current community manager, Brody has done so much for Cyclone. It doesn't matter what abuse he gets from other players, he continues providing support and improving the server day and night. He deserves more credit than he receives in my opinion.

    Whether it would be outside of Cyclone or in-game, Bamboo is there for players most of the time and replies in a polite manner. Not only is he a great guy to be around, he's done one heck of a job as a staff member.

    It was really hard to pick 2 since each staff member has pros and cons, but these two are the most apparent in my eyes. With that being said, each staff member should continue their hard work despite the results. This is NOT a true evaluation of their work nor who they are as a person because everyone has their good and bad days. I'm honored to have been given a 3rd chance back on the staff team and I hope to have some more memories on the server.
  12. I choose @GeT_BamBooZel and @MiToCam
    My reason for choosing Bamboo: unlike many staff members [realising that prison hasn't been at its full potential] he has monitored both servers [skyblock and prison] to the best of his abilities even when one of which is falling behind on players. He is extremely mature and is funny at times that are appropriate. Bamboo can defuse situations very fast because of his personality, liking everyone and trying his best to bond with people who aren't known to him.

    My reasons for picking MiTo are as follows; If the ban pages were still visible you would see his name adleast 3 times on each page. It is clear that he has tried his absolute in cleaning up this server and giving other people the best atmosphere to play in. The continuous effect of having a higher up staff member online like MiTo [being senior mod] feels like you are on a server that actually care and want to be unique in there own way, this whole affect is shown with just a staff member online.
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