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[CN] New Punishments & Rules

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by MiToCam, Jul 31, 2018.

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    [CN] New Punishments & Rules

    What is Changing?

    Hello Everyone,

    The staff team and myself have been busy improving the rules and punishments on the server to make the server a much better place to be!

    These rules will be clearer and will be easy to access at /warp info!

    However, with these new rules the punishments following a breakage of said rules are also changing in order to keep the server in line. The changes can be found below in the spoiler!

    Warnable Offences

    Character Spam

    Warn when a player uses 10 or more characters.
    (Don't push it with 9 characters because staff will still /warn)

    Three warnings will be instantly a 10 minute mute

    General Spam

    Warn when a player types the same/similar message in chat 4 times in a row

    Three warnings will be instantly a 10 minute mute

    Capital Letters

    Warn when more than 3 words are capitalized

    Three warnings will be instantly a 10 minute mute

    Excessive Profanity

    Warn when there are more than 3 swear words in a sentence

    Three warnings will be instantly a 10 minute mute

    Bypassing Swear Filter

    Warn if a player bypasses the swear filter

    Three warnings will be instantly a 10 minute mute

    Inappropriate Topics

    No conversations of drugs, rape, sexual abuse, cancer, abortion, etc. should be discussed in public chat [Staff can decided whether appropriate]

    1st Offence - Verbal warn

    2nd - 4th Offence - /warn then mute will occur

    English Only In Main Chat

    Warn the player if typing in a language other than English in main chat

    1st Offence - Verbal warn [Try to help by translating to their language]

    2nd - 4th Offence - /warn then mute will occur

    Mentioning Other Server Names

    Warn up to three times, then will be instantly muted

    Player, Staff Or Server Disrespect

    Warn if rude towards another player/staff/server [Staff members decision]

    Promoting Rule Breaking

    Verbally warn them

    Warn them up to three times if continued, mute will occur

    Mutable Offences

    Racial Slurs/Comments

    Mute for 45 minutes [Severity doesn’t matter]

    If continued mute for 4 Hours

    Hate Speech & Homophobia

    /warn If describing an object

    Mute for 45 minutes if against another person

    If continued mute for 4 Hours

    Death Threats

    Mute for 45 minutes

    If continued mute for 4 Hours

    Suicidal Remarks (Jokes included)

    Either jokes about suicide or threatening to harm themselves

    SECOND OFFENCE: 20 Minute mute

    If then continued raise the time (30min, 45min)

    Ignoring Staff

    Verbally warn first

    Mute for 10 minutes if they do not listen

    Inappropriate Nick

    Verbally warn to change

    Then mute for 20 mins if carried on

    Mute Evasion

    If a player mute evades, /mute the alt for the same length of time as the main

    Staff/Player/YouTuber Impersonation
    Punish a player if they impersonate a staff member, another player, or a YouTuber. (Applies with /nick, instant permanent ban for IGN until they change it)

    First Offence: Verbal Warning
    Second Offence: /warn
    Third Offence: 10 minute mute

    Abuse of /Shout
    Punish a player when they abuse or misuse /shout - [Not for normal conversation]

    First Offence: /warn
    Second Offence: Mute for 30 minutes

    Using for mute evasion temporary ban for 1 hour (Mod+)

    Kickable Offenses

    Message Spam (/msg)

    Kick player if over 4 messages in a row

    Bannable Offenses

    Advertising - Permanent Ban

    Mute player and clear chat (Trainee and Helper, Mod). Ask Sr.Mod+ to perm ban

    Sr.Mod+ Ban player and clear chat

    DDOS Against Server

    Get a Sr.Mod+ to perm ban

    DDOS Against a Player

    Get a Mod+ to ban for 7 days

    Using Alts for challenges (/c)

    Get a Mod+ to ban alt and main for 3 days

    NOTE: The items gained will be taken away from you, there is no point in doing it.


    Ask Mod+ to ban for 7 days

    Abusing Bugs

    Ask a Mod+ to ban for 3 days

    Chargeback - Admins

    Permanent ban

    Scamming/IRL Scamming

    Scamming - Sufficient proof and 7 day ban

    IRL Scam - Sufficient proof and permanent ban

    Inappropriate IGN

    Perm ban and unban on name change

    Alt of Banned Player

    Ban for same length as main

    Inappropriate Builds
    If players were to build something innapropriate:

    First Offence - /warn
    Second Offence - 30m Ban

    No Use of Disallowed Mods
    Sufficient evidence is needed:

    First Offence - 30 Days

    Second Offence - Perm Ban

    • Micro Transactions
      If a player is engaged in a transaction when the real life money (This means if V-Bucks are bought for example too) is not going towards Cyclone, obtain evidence and report it.

      First Offence: /tempban for 30 days (Mod+)
      Second Offence: /ban for permanent (Sr.Mod+)

      Micro Transactions include, and are not limited to:

      IRL money for in-game Money/Items
      In-game items/money for Items/Money in other games, E.G: CS:GO

    Malicious Hacks - Use /history [IGN]

    Record proof, tell higher staff members if Trainee - Helper

    First Offence - 30 Days

    Second Offence - Perm Ban

    Put “Hacking - Name of hack(s) used” as the ban message

    Non-Malicious Hacks - Use /history [IGN]

    Record proof, tell higher staff members if Trainee - Helper

    First Offence - 7 Days

    Second Offence - 30 Days

    Third Offence - Perm Ban

    Put “Hacking - Name of hack(s) used” as the ban message

    Non Malicious -> Malicious

    If non malicious then malicious is used, do this:

    Non Malicious - 7 Days

    Malicious - Perm Ban

    Malicious -> Non Malicious

    If malicious then non malicious is used, do this:

    Malicious - 30 Days

    Non Malicious - 30 Days

    Any after perm ban

    *If unbans are bought continue up the line, if on permanent ban, re-perm ban.*

    Thank You for your continued cooperation. Please feel free to message me if you believe a rule or punishment needs changing or if you have any questions.

    If you would like a list of malicious and non-malicious hacks, please look at this document:

    If you would like a list of allowed and disallowed mods, please look here:

    Staff will need sufficient evidence to punish you!

    NOTE: /missions Are allowed on alts!

    - Cyclone Network Staff Team
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  2. Is there a list of disallowed mods somewhere?
  3. Will add to malicious hacks then. Thank You for the support!
  4. Racism/Homophobia = 45 minute mute
    Death Threats = 20 minute mute
    So by this logic, saying "you're mom gay" to someone is more than 2x as serious then telling someone to take their life?
    Please explain your logic on making death threats only a 20 minute mute.
  5. This has now been changed, death threats are 45 minute mute.
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  6. Thank you MiTo :DDD
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  7. I don't frequently use it, but I was wondering if there is any particular reason why replay mod would be disallowed? I'm struggling to think of a way you could use it against the server/against another player.
  8. I'm pretty certain it's so you can't go onto other peoples islands and see things which they do not which you to see [EG: Grinders]

    UPDATE: New rules and punishments!
  9. Sounds fair <3 Is it allowed by us other then mods/ helpers/trainees to advise people in chat if the they break any of the rules? Not saying everyone has to, but if it happen any of the mods/helpers/trainees are missing it? :) Just so it is clear to everyone from the start.
  10. If staff are online and you believe they missed it, ask them to deal with the player if rules are broken, if it’s minor you can obviously ask the player to stop etc if staff are online. If staff aren’t online advise the players to stop and if they continue then get staff attention on discord for a staff member to come online and deal with the players.

    Hope this is clear and helps you out!